Chicago PD, episode twenty

Team is in the field with a gunshot victim. Son of a hotshot attorney. Close range shot to the head.

The team is in the the district looking into the victim. Ballistics calls. They want a face to face with Voight. The gun recovered at the scene that morning is the murder weapon. It is also the match for a murder 17 years early that Voight worked. He sent the wrong man to prison on that first case.

Lindsay is running point going over the case. They need to go over the victim’s phone records to try and establish a timeline. Olinsky and Halstead head over to talk to the parents. The mother is upset but the father, the attorney, is more aggressive. He wants answers and when they ask for consent on the phone records he says he will get back to them.

Voight meets with his old commanding officer. He brings up the old case but his boss gets defensive and tells him to stop searching for something that isn’t there. He heads to records to look up the file but that one, along with several others that his old boss worked, went missing a few years earlier.

Atwater goes to the morgue. He wants help with his detective school homework. He talks to the ME while Ruzek snags the victims phone from his belongings. Turns out the victim might have been posting pictures of a girl on a revenge porn website.

The unit talks about the case and Lindsay tells them about the earlier murder and Voight’s link to it and the murder weapon. They have to solve both cases now.

Meanwhile, Voight goes to see the daughter of the man currently in prison for the first case. She says her piece and mentions the old boss. Voight knows something is wrong with the conviction.

They have identified the girl that the victim was posting about. Also, the father put out a reward for to find the killer.

Ruzek and Atwater go to see the girl. Her father won’t let them though. He tells them that she had to drop out of school and considered suicide when the victim started posting those photos. He says that the victim was a bully that got what was coming to him and then tells them to get a warrant.

Platt and Voight meet in a parking lot. She has all the files that his boss ever worked. It’s wonky.

The chief comes into the unit as they go over the case. The father wants another department to handle it and he has enough clout to make it happen. Olinsky tells him that there is money being tossed around for this to be handled on the streets. Chief gives them until end of shift.

Voight visits the man in jail for the first murder and asks about beef with his boss. The man gives him a story and Voight asks for a witness. The man flips. He thinks Voight is setting him up.

Atwater and Ruzek find the girl from the pictures and bring her in to talk. She explains her relationship with the victim and says that though he hurt her she was still upset when she heard about the murder.

At the unit, Voight tells them to hurry up connecting the cases. His boss is in his office basically warning him off the case or he’s going to take Voight down.

Housekeeper IDs the girl’s father as trying to get into the victim’s house the day before the murder. That’s enough for a warrant.

Voight talks to the widow of the victim from the first case. She thought she saw something that night. It was a white guy so she was a bit confused when they arrested a black guy.

They bring the father in for questioning. He says that he wanted to have some words with the kid about what he did to his daughter but that he didn’t kill him. He has carpal tunnel and wouldn’t be able to pull the trigger. The daughter is waiting downstairs. Lindsay talks to her and the details don’t match. She brings her into interrogation.

Lindsay says that she knows someone is lying and wants them to cut the crap. The father confesses but the daughter stops him. She says that she didn’t do it but knows who did. It was her best friend.

They go over the case and Voight hears the name. The kid’s father was his boss’ CI on the first case. He was the killer and held onto the gun. His son used it in the second murder. They bring the CI in and Voight takes him into interrogation. Ruzek pulls him out though. The chief and his boss are there to take him to the review board for insubordination. Chief tells the rest of the unit to turn over the case.

As they are clearing things up they get a lead on the kid and give chase. They bring him in and he confesses. They offer a deal to the kid if the father clears up what happened 17 years ago. He tells them what happened and how the lieutenant covered it up.

At the review board, the lieutenant is going after Voight. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Lindsay with the confession from the CI. The chief takes a look. The board deems him unfit and suspends him pending review.

The man arrested is set free. Voight visits with the widow. Then he goes to see the man. He’s not willing to see Voight though.

You had to know that the boss was going to be a bad guy. He was too defensive. What I don’t understand is why Voight passed the review? If he was so bad that they could call a hearing, why does it matter who called it? I liked Lindsay being in charge. She should run the unit if Voight runs into trouble in the future.

Chicago PD is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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