Dear White People, episodes one to three

Class is in session at Winchester and the narrator sets the scene well. Sam (Logan Browning) is hosting her radio show about the everyday racism on campus. She and her friend Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson) talk about meeting up at the black caucus later on.

Sam is sleeping with a guy named Gabe (John Patrick Amedori). He’s white. She leaves to go to the caucus. He offers to come with but she says that it’s members only. He then tells her that he doesn’t want to just be a hook up. He wants more.

She heads to the meeting and is the black woman in charge. She handles the intros and gets catty with Coco (Antoinette Robertson). They don’t know what to do in response to the blackface party held on campus. They discuss it but the conversation is interrupted when Sam gets tagged in an Instagram post, by Gabe.

She tries to bring him around to her friends and the dude everyone expects her to get with Reggie (Marque Richardson) is a jerk to him. Gabe gets made that she didn’t stand up for him and bounces.

She’s back on the air and she admits that she sent the invites to the blackface party to see what would happen. It should be a campus wakeup call. People there is a racism problem.

Winchester is still reeling from the party and student journalist Lionel (DeRon Horton) is now popular because of his story on it.

He’s trying to come to terms with his sexuality and is taking guidance from the paper’s editor. He goes to a theater kid party and meets a guy that’s sort of repressed that hides behind his female roommate. He calls the other guy on his shit when they go back to his room. Then he heads back to the paper to help his editor in a crisis.

They discover that Sam sent the party invite. Lionel gives her a heads up that they are running the story so she can own it before they expose her.

Lionel asks his roommate Troy Fairbanks (Brandon P. Bell), that he has a crush on and jerks off to, to cut his hair.

Winchester is about to hold student elections and the frontrunner is Troy. He’s struggled to escape his father’s shadow because his president of the university. He took matters into his own hands and made sure his father called the police on the blackface party at Pastiche.

His father has run the show on everything in his life, including his relationship with Sam. He spends the day campaigning but he doesn’t seem very happy. He meets a new professor, Nika Hobbs (Nia Long) and suggests Lionel interview Thane Lockwood (Brant Daugherty).

Troy ducks out of the party as soon as he can and goes to a student party. He argues with Kurt Fletcher (Wyatt Nash) about Pastiche. As he leaves that he gets a text to meet up. It’s from Hobbs. They’ve been having an illicit affair for quite some time. He have sex and then fall asleep.

They find out the next morning, after spending the night in the boathouse, that Troy won the election and that Thane is dead. He tried to fly, and couldn’t. Troy goes back to his room to shower. He gets a message on his phone. It’s a video of him sleeping with Hobbs.

Okay so is Sam with Gabe then? And all told this has been over the course of like 36 hours right? I’m interested in the Sam and Troy relationship and would like to know more about Joelle. I’m assuming everyone gets an episode. Overall, I like the show. I feel bad for Lionel though.


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