Quantico, episode nineteen

Shelby, Clay and Caleb talk to Maxine about throwing an engagement party as a way to lure out the collaborators. They plan the party to set up the bad guys at every turn. Caleb takes a few jabs at Shelby along the way.

The team is in the bunker going over the collaborators and how they will catch them. Clay warns them to be careful though.

They head to the party and start to keep an eye out for their marks. Some hit some hiccups early. Clay needs to stall with the speaker but he fails so Caleb starts a rambling toast. It is bad but does the job.

Everyone is doing what they can to handle the collaborators but Raina gets made and Ryan goes rogue. He knows the mission is a failure. He just wants to keep the team safe.

Owen and Alex talk about the mission. Claire meets with the Speaker about a compromise that would put him in the Oval.

Alex talks to her mark. He jams the frequency and then tries to recruit her.

Ryan gives her the blueprints of the bunker to earn her trust. She confesses to murdering the reporter and Leon. He’s got her now and she has to tell him everything.

Caleb interrupts Claire’s meeting with the Speaker. He hands her a note. She tells the Speaker that she is taking him down and he is quick to save himself.

Felix and Clay argue about what side they are on and who will get hurt before all of this is over.

Clay rides home with Maxine. He wants to run off and get married. She says that he is only doing it out of fear. His secret job is pulling him away and he wants to block that.

The team meets in the bunker. Ryan is going to meet with his mark and two others about testifying. They win. Alex doesn’t trust any of it but the rest of the team thinks this is the right play. They set up a meeting for the next day so Ryan can tell them what he knows.

Shelby and Clay talk. He now sees why his father and brother fell for her. He wants her to promise not to be kind to him. He doesn’t want to fall any more than he already has. He wants to marry Maxine. He wants to go back to hating her.

Alex is drinking at Owen’s house. She wants to know why he didn’t back her up. He says its because he didn’t have another play to suggest. He does now though. It’s a risky one. He wants to turn someone on the team.

Ryan heads to his meeting. The mark isn’t there though. A reporter looking into the CIA operating on American soil is though. Ryan gets a text from his mark. It’s a checkmate gif.

Clay is up and working when Caleb comes in to get a drink. A scantily clad Shelby follows shortly. Felix called. Emergency meeting at the bunker. Caleb goes to get dressed and Shelby tells Clay that she’s sorry he found out like this. She thought she had feelings for him but released that it was Caleb all along. Clay leaves.

Caleb comes back and tells Shelby she did the right thing. He’s going to head back to school so that they don’t have to keep up this charade. They awkwardly hug and go their separate ways.

At the bunker, they’ve been hacked. Clay accuses Ryan. They argue and Shelby comes running in. She tells them to put on the news. There are reports about Ryan and Shelby and calls for impeachment.

Owen and Ryan are setting up for their mission. They both admit to being scared but he tells her that she can handle it. She’s taking the job offer from her mark. She’s undercover as a collaborator.

The Shelby stuff was so obvious and I still think she is going to end up with Clay. Ryan was such an idiot. Why did any of them think that was a good plan? And the way he reacted? That was awful. I’m interested to see how they will cover this up. At least Felix didn’t rat on Raina.

Quantico is new Mondays at 10 p.m.


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