Designated Survivor, episode eighteen

Atwood and Hannah are spying at the base. They get cause and make a run for it.
Abe Leonard is waiting for his source. He’s been waiting three hours. The source calls and gives him another tip. Jason Atwood.

Speaking of, he and Hannah fleeing by car. He’s been shot.

It’s a big day at the White House. Kirkman is signing the gun legislation. He thanks Hookstraten for her help.

Leonard got a plate when he was waiting for his source. He pays a guy to run it and finds out it is from the White House pool. That could be any one of hundreds of people. It’s of little use.

Aaron, Seth and Emily talk about the legislation and Hookstraten possibly as VP. Seth is on board.

Kirkman and Hookstraten talk about what a good job they’ve done and how to keep the momentum going. He wants someone that can do that as VP and she does too. That’s why he wants her to vet the list of candidates for him.

Hannah meets with Forstell and Mike. She updates them on Lazano and what happened in the Dakotas. If he’s still alive, who did the FBI kill after Kirkman was shot? Hannah goes to see the body in that case.

Politico calls Aaron. They want a comment for a Hookstraten story.

An aide runs in to tell Seth to look at Politico. They have the Hookstraten story up. It’s about her ties to Turkey.

Emily and Seth update Kirkman. It’s bad optics but legal. Mike also lets him know about Lazano.

Bowman runs into Aaron. They argue about the Politico story. Bowman denies leaking it and tells Aaron to mind his place.

The body in the morgue matches Lazano’s prints. Someone hacked the database. It’s time to consider that the person in charge of the whole thing is still operating.

Leonard meets with someone from the FBI about Atwood. It doesn’t go well.

Hookstraten comes to Kirkman’s office. They talk about Turkey and the new Congress. Emily comes in. The Ethics Committee is going to investigate the Speaker.

Someone is showing Hannah the footage of the day of the Lazano shooting. She notices enough that she will be able to get a lead.

Aaron talks to the Politico reporter about people being out to get Hookstraten.

Kirkman wants her as VP. He thinks announcing it now is the way to go. Emily disagrees. He doesn’t care.

Bowman is about to head to a fancy dinner.

Seth and Emily talk about Kirkman’s latest brief.

Leonard tracks down Atwood at a diner and asks all sorts of questions. Atwood has no use for it. Leonard brings up his son. Atwood gets rough with him before driving off.

Hookstraten is getting called in to the ethics hearing first thing in the morning. Aaron tells her that Bowman isn’t to blame.

Hannah and Atwood talk about moving forward. She tells him that she needs him to heal.

The op-ed that Seth ghost-wrote to help the Hookstraten situation doesn’t have anyone interested in putting their name on it. Seth will keep trying.

They know who leaked the story. A former aide by the name of Liam is the one running Hookstraten into the ground. She fired him years earlier for taking payments when he shouldn’t have. And now she’s passed that evidence along to Bowman.

Forstell and Hannah go over the video of Lazano’s last day. She figured out when the switch was. Lazano never left the building. He was hiding out for more than a day. The decoy was willing to sacrifice his life for Lazano to escape.

They have a hit on the dead guy’s prints. He was involved with the same contractors as the other service members. They even co-signed on a loan for him.

Emily and Seth stop in to update Kirkman. The op-ed will run but it won’t be in a big name paper. They have to save this.

Hannah meets with a source to track down the head of the contractor company, Browning-Reed. The dude dissolved the company because he felt like the government betrayed him. Now he’s big with the alt-right and has the money and IQ to make a real play at the government.

She and Forstell head out to the guy, Patrick Lloyd’s, farm and talk to him about the silo property. He legally bought all the munitions on the property and plays it off like he doesn’t remember the fall guy from the Lazano case. He blows them off and tells them to talk to his attorney.

It doesn’t sit well with Hannah. She puts the pieces together. Lloyd wrote the manifesto. They have eyes on him now but he’ll know and this isn’t going to be easy. Knowing and proving are different things. They won’t be able to just flush him out. Forstell tells her to get some rest and that they will try again in the morning.

Kirkman calls is family and talks to his daughter. She thinks it would be cool to have a female vice president.

She eventually heads back to her room but notices something is off. It’s too late though. She is promptly drugged and kidnapped.

Leonard meets with his source in a parking garage. He gets another tip. Check the White House visitor log. The source leaves and makes a call to…. Lazano. Leonard is playing right into their hand!

It sucks that Leonard breaking the story is going to take down Kirkman. Emily is getting a little power hungry it seems. Hookstraten and Bowman are going to have to work together to take down Lloyd. Seth is still the best part of this show.

Designated Survivor is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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