Shots Fired, episode five

Alicia Carr and Shameeka Campbell leave their houses and get into limos. they are taken to a tv studio for an interview with Pastor Janae.

Beck is running. He collides with someone. It’s Preston. They talk about coincidences and Breeland and watching their backs. Beck mentions the case for Joey and Preston asks if he knows anything about it. He doesn’t.

The interviewer doesn’t pull any punches with the moms. The try to deflect but Janae embraces the chance to talk politics.

Preston reports back to Ashe about Beck’s reaction. She found something in one of the reports but there isn’t much they can do with it. Cory also helped with a sketch of Joey’s shooter.

At the station, Beck asks confronts Breeland about the drugs. He doesn’t come right out and say it but he tells him the drugs helped make the shot clean. Beck shoves him and they scuffle.

Shameeka and Alicia are waiting outside of the station after the interview. They talk about how much they hate being puppets and how music gets them through the days. Janae comes out and talks about the coverage and Alicia tells her that they speak for their sons, not her and not her church. A car pulls up and Alicia drives off.

Ashe is in court ordered therapy. She talks about how important

Preston found something else in the files. A former partner of Breeland’s, Derkin (Wes McGee) was around on all his busts until suddenly he was gone. They ask where he is and he was transferred two days after Joey was killed.

Afterward he heads to Sarah’s room and finds her stressing about the town hall backlash. She also makes a comment about the Carr case being a priority. She steps away and he looks at the open file on her computer. It’s a donor list. One name stands out to him. She comes back and he leaves.

Then he goes to a golf course and talks to the doctor he met at Cox’s party. He asks him about his involvement with the police department. He then moves on to questions about the Campbell case. The doctor denies everything.

Preston heads from the golf course to the governor’s mansion. She asks why he talked to the doctor and wants him to focus. He stands up for himself.

Ashe and Preston meet with Cory at the safe house. He presents Cory with a picture of the doctor because he looks similiar to the sketch. Cory is adamant that he is not the guy though. As they leave, Ashe gets a call. She has a lead on Derkin.

Breeland gives Platt some food because he heard there was a bit of domestic trouble. Platt admits that his wife moved out. They talk about being dedicated to the force and how they wouldn’t change a thing. Breeland also remarks that it is getting harder to breath in the small town.

Five hours outside of town, Ashe tracks down Derkin and he does help her a bit. He acknowledges he was at the scene even though he’s not in the report. He also tells her that AD isn’t a person. It means auxiliary deputy.

Penn Moder is holding a rally. He’s making things racist and pushing the Carr case. Janae interrupts. She says that you can’t be pro-life and not be interested in the Campbell case too. It makes the news.

Alicia sees the broadcast about the rally, and how Jesse’s picture is in the crowd. She goes to the garage and gets in his car and starts in. She sits and cries before getting out.

Shameeka gets home and talks to Shawn about his new school.

Janae goes to talk to Eamons about Cox funding the school programs. He’s also building private prisons. They disagree on how this will play out and Janae doesn’t want her name involved. They go their separate ways.

Preston and Ashe have another lead. An old man AD. Also Ashe has to head back to DC for a few days for a personal matter. Before they can start their questioning, Platt intercepts them. He tells them they are messing with his community and should back up. They ask about the deputies and what legal rights they have to be at these crimes. She puts the pieces together.

Platt is taking the governor’s rich white friends on tours of the black neighborhoods like it’s a safari.

They talk about the case. They have to turn Derkin. Ashe also tells Preston that she thinks people are born bad and taught to be good. She talks about her daughter and the custody hearing and he tells her that he sees the good in her. They take jabs at each other for who they’ve slept with recently. He leaves and tells her that he will see her at Cory’s.

On the way there, Ashe gets pulled over. She presents her credentials and the officer fights her. Throws her around a bit before patting her down. Breeland shows up and takes over. He brings up Kai and is just a creep.

At the Campbell household, Shawn is going over his homework with his mother. He reads the story he wrote about the injustices in the world.

Ashe gets to Cory’s and covers the marks from the handcuffs.

Derkin drives his truck into a lake.

Beck watches the Penn Moder rally on the news.

There is a “What about Joey” rally and things are tense. There are protestors and there are a lot of other people milling about too.

Cory looks at a ton of photos of old white dudes. He stares at a group shot and finally sees the man that killed Joey. Arlen Cox.

Janae leaves her church and goes out to a waiting car. Cox is sitting in the backseat.

I feel so bad for the Campbells. I thought Alicia was going to kill herself. I also don’t think that Derkin is dead. That would be too easy. Breeland is such a creep. Someone should punch him. And Platt. I feel like Preston is learning a little bit. That’s a good thing. He’s evolving.


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