House of Cards, episode four

Things are tense at the White House. Numbers don’t look good. Will is tense too. He hasn’t slept but his advisors tell him that it’s going to be a long day.

Claire summons Doug and LeAnn to go over the day.

At the ballroom, Seth and Tom talk about what the day is like. Tom thinks it’s a lose but that Seth will land somewhere. He says that he always picks the loser’s party and look where he is.

Doug and LeAnn argue about what is necessary. Then Frank addresses all the folks still working at the White House. He says that there is still work to be done.

Will and his wife have sex. She’s optimistic but he is still superstitious. They both feel good though.

There’s a briefing with the governor of Tennessee on the phone. They moved on the potential ICO operative. He wasn’t home but he maybe was planning an attack on a polling center. Cathy is there and the whole thing seems sketch. She basically says as much.

LeAnn and Claire’s handler are heading to the ballroom. She cordially introduces Yates and sends him with them. He gives her the victory speech but acknowledges he wrote a concession speech as well.

Seth is at the bar watching the results come in. The Style reporter chats him up again. He tells him about his new post on Tom’s team and they set up a quid pro quo. Then Seth gets a call. There’s a bomb in Tennessee.

All hell breaks lose. Everyone is scrambling. The governor gets a call from the guy working on Will’s campaign. Frank tells the governor not to shut polls. Will is freaking out.

Tom and the other reporter, Sean, talk about the Tennessee situation. Tom knows something is fishy. He sends Sean to bother Seth.

The governor issues a curfew and Will freaks out. He knows that Frank is responsible but can’t pin it on him. He’s pissed.

Frank and his team are going over the electoral college. It’s still close. They need Ohio. They are willing to do it by any means necessary. Doug heads to the NSA, creates chatter and uses it to close republican polling centers.

Claire, Frank, Doug and LeAnn are still up to something. They are rallying lawyers to push back against voter suppression. In the meantime, they announce that concession is inevitable and Frank calls Will.

Will’s team hugs around. TV announces that Frank called Will. Doug argues with the Ohio governor who then makes an announcement that votin is suspended. There will be no total there or in five other states.

There are lawsuits and indecision everywhere. States are no accepting the results. Claire and Frank are about to do what it takes to lead America. There’s no going back from it. They call in Doug and LeAnn.

So was that last bit like a flashback to earlier in the day or did that happen again? They plotted to blow the election so that they could appeal and try again right? That’s what I got from that.


House of Cards, episode three

An ad for Will runs. He answers questions about it. He’s answering questions online for 24 hours. Frank and Claire talk by phone about it. He’s got plants to ask questions. She is in Nevada with Yates on the trail. They are keeping tabs on Will.

Frank is at a donor event. Winning the presidency one handshake at a time while Claire plays to her strengths with a speech.

Will is still answering questions. The soldier he saved in Afghanistan asks a question and they have an emotional moment before the segment ends. Turns out he was a plant. LeAnn is trying to ruffle Will by digging into his past. He’s hiding something. They just have to dig up what.

LeAnn calls Frank to update him on the soldier situation. He wants to bring in Doug but she is reluctant. He puts her in her place and then calls Claire to rant. She takes it.

Another caller is asking about the Afghanistan mission. It’s getting to Will but he is still pushing forward. His wife steps in to handle it and then brings up the polling centers.

Claire and Frank are together at an event. He is supposed to speak but is losing his voice. She offers to take it over but he says no. He also gets snippy with Yates.

Doug is in Scranton fighting with the governor. He doesn’t want to mobilize troops like Underwood intended. Doug threatens him. He backs down but points out that Frank is done.

Cathy briefs Frank about a possible ICO operative. She figures an arrest on election day would play well but he thinks that is ridiculous. He dismisses her and brings Doug in. He updates on Pennsylvania and Will’s rescue mission. He pushed too hard but there might be another way.

Afterward Doug is having sex with a woman but he’s listening to Will. She’s fed up with him and tells him he shouldn’t have called her. He agrees and heads to a bar. He orders a drink and stares at it. He doesn’t drink it before leaving.

Frank is watching Claire and Yates sleep. She wakes up. He tells her he couldn’t sleep.

They talk about the polls and how they almost had Will and how Yates hums in his sleep. He tells her to go back to sleep and then leaves.

Will is still answering questions. He’s telling people about when he met his wife. That call ends and he moves on to the next one. It’s Frank. They banter before Will asks Frank about the hostage negotiation. Claire comes in and lays down with Frank. The questions wrap and Will is exhausted.

Seth does soundcheck and then talks to the congressional aide about his testimony. If Frank loses there is no issue, and he is banking on Frank’s loss.

Claire and Frank go vote. Then they talk to Doug and LeAnn about voter turnouts. They head to the White House and keep with their election day tradition of watching an old movie. Doug calls though. The numbers don’t match up and that doesn’t bode well. Frank tells Claire and they fight. She’s preparing for a loss but he will not take it lightly.

LeAnn and Doug get to the White House. She tells him that turnout is way down and they might lose Pennsylvania. He says that if they lose that, they will lose Ohio and then the election.

Frank calls his home county’s clerk to ask about turnout. It’s low. Doug is in the Oval taking things out of a drawer. He flips it and carves his initials. Frank and Claire are wrapping up their movie. He tells her they aren’t done. This is their house.

I still don’t think Frank will lose. What would the show be about in that case? I don’t really care what Will is hiding. It’s probably not anything that huge or it would have already leaked. Doug is so creepy. I still feel bad for Cathy.

House of Cards, episode two

Frank and Claire talk about their latest campaign ad before moving on to the topic of her trip to New York. She’s headed out but she will be back for an event with Cathy.

Seth asks Doug about the investigation. There are subpoenas going out. No one wants to testify, especially before the election.

Claire is talking about gas masks for MTA workers. The mayor takes the mic and she chats with a friend of Frank’s. Turns out another old friend has been missing for a few days.

Frank is addressing the governors about safe voting and using it as a chance to woo those of key states. And he’s making Will, who is in the room, look bad. Doug pulls Frank out to tell him about his missing friend and Will takes the opportunity to stump a bit before heading out as soon as Frank comes back.

The Secret Service stopped the friend in New York from leaving so Claire could talk to him a bit more. He implied that Frank and his missing friend had a…. special relationship. She wants him to spell it out. She’s also concerned with him having a big mouth.

LeAnn tells Yates that Claire won’t be back in time for the event. He’s upset. Then his bandmate from way back when pops up. He was there to cover the meeting but now he wants to talk to Yates about campaign life. They pop off.

Doug has convened aids from a bunch of states to basically woo the five swing states in play. Cathy talks to the governors about border security. All of it sounds like a way to keep people from the polls.

Yates and his friend talk about his work as a speechwriter. He explains that he is a ghost, expendable, and then the conversation turns to his relationship with Claire. He calls the dude an asshole and walks away.

Cathy figures the meeting went rough and that the whole situation is bad. She wants to resign in protest and get other people to do the same.

One of the aides sticks around. She calls a spade, a spade and tells Doug she knows this is voter suppression. She’s willing to let it slide but they need something in return. A Superfund sight.

The NSA forensic auditors are on site. It’s a surprise inspection and that does not sit well with LeAnn’s friend.

Frank meets with the former VP under his predecessor. He’s now a governor and Frank wants to make sure he will keep in line.

Seth meets with an aide about the investigation. He wants his testimony to be private.

She’ll see what she can do. She leaves and he approaches the bar. The Style reporter that Tom recruited sees him and talks him into joining his table for a drink.

LeAnn tells Frank that they have some trouble. She will do all that she can to keep them safe but tells him about the NSA audit. They have to allow a hack so they can sneak in and cover their tracks. Frank tells him to do it.

Back in the Oval, Frank finds Claire. She tells him about running into his friend in New York and that he needs to remember his past. He tells her that she’s the only person he’s ever loved.

Dude runs the hack at the NSA. Yates is waiting for Claire. His friend wrote an article about him. He apologizes. She talks about not wanting to be careful anymore. She’s sick of it.

The hearings start. And the hack goes live. Everyone’s phones are ringing and getting alerts. Seth is out with the reporters still. He’s got to go.

Frank talks through how to light a fire in the wilderness. Claire and Yates are in bed together. She tells him to back off. Frank gets the alert about the hack. He heads to the situation room. LeAnn gets messages from her friend. He wants to fix things.

He sends the fix without permission. Frank gets another governor on his side. He gives a radio address about the hack being ICO and how it won’t be fixed for days.

Will is taking his kids out for Halloween. A reporter asks if he’s scared and he says life goes on. Then as they start to walk, national guard troops roll in and block the road. Will is enraged and he yells in front of the cameras about Frank not knowing what war is and putting American lives in danger. The Underwoods watch with a smile.

I feel bad for Will. He’s not a good guy. I get that. But he’s fighting such an uphill battle. He can’t win. He must know that. I feel like Cathy got played too. She just didn’t know what was happening.

House of Cards, episode one

Claire is addressing the country. People need to watch out for each other. See something, say something.

Congress is debating whether or not to investigate Frank when the man himself strolls in. He manipulates them into giving him the floor and then yells at them for having the wrong priorities. He wants to declare war on ICO. He will not yield.

On the way to the funeral, Claire and Frank go over problems in the country with LeAnn. Claire picks on to go see. She wants it on the schedule. They get there and Frank is pissed he won’t be able to speak. Will is also there, paying respect to the living and honoring the dead.

The daughter has no use for Frank. The widow speaks and her daughter interrupts to blame Frank. She even privately tells him that she hopes he dies.

Raids are being done along the east coast and Doug has a statement ready. Frank tells him to hold off and let Claire talk at her event. He brings in Birch and they talk about how to handle the declaration and thus the vote.

Tom is on a talk show opposite Claire. She’s deflects and he tries to get back on topic.

Will is campaigning. He strategizes about how to handle the most recent Underwood media before getting ready to talk at a veterans event. He also finds out his wife has been posting on social media and it reflects poorly.

Doug sits in on a briefing as to the ICO raid progress. There isn’t much but he will report back to Frank about it.

Frank paces alone in his bedroom.

When he gets back to the hotel, Will confronts his wife. He asks her if she’s trying to lose the election and she tells him that their son is scared. She won’t apologize for her comments about the mother of one of the terrorists.

The Underwoods see the video. LeAnn doesn’t know what to do with it but she wants to do something. Claire wants to talk to the mother but LeAnn advises against it. They kick her out and then talk about ramping up the terror. Frank takes Claire outside to show her all the people watching the house, waiting for them to do something.

Afterward she goes to meet Yates and Frank stays outside for a smoke. Yates was in the kitchen when Claire went to find him. They make their way into the bedroom.

LeAnn tries to convince a friend to hack the NSA and help the Underwoods win the election.

Tom is putting together a new investigative journalism team and wants a Style reporter involved. He’s good at getting people to talk.

Claire goes to meet with the mother of the terrorist. Just the two of them.

Frank and Cathy meet to talk about the new war on terror. He wants to expand the no fly list and tell other countries that he means business. She has nothing to offer and he tells her to step it up.

At the meeting with the killer’s mother, Claire basically accuses her of knowing what was happening under her roof and doing nothing about it. Claire wants her to make a plea in a camera for her son to turn himself in.

Will makes a plea to one of the democratic congressmen to hold off on Frank’s war. Police can handle this. No need for a war on our own soil.

Dude does LeAnn a favor and pulls some stuff at the NSA.

Claire holds a press briefing and starts to rip on the republicans but then someone throws something at her and she gets rushed out.

Doug updates Frank on a meeting that he’s got coming up. Claire and Yates clean her up and have what to them is a romantic chat. LeAnn is learning about the NSA files when she hears a tv.

Law enforcement is making moves on the terrorist kid. There is live coverage. Frank meets with the counter-terror assistant director. They can’t find the kid. Turns out Frank has him locked up already. He starts talking to the kid, taunting him.

Frank’s done. He has no use for the kid so he tells the counter-terror guy to kill him and get footage of it. Then he holds a press conference to tell everyone that footage of the killing will be released.

Birch comes to see Doug. They are going to use the declaration of war as a way to investigate the Underwoods. Doug goes to talk to Frank and finds him on the phone with the widow. She doesn’t want to hear from Frank anymore. He’s upset. Claire takes him for a walk.

They go out to the gate and shake hands with the people waiting outside. He tells everyone that they have nothing to be afraid of.

It’s been a long time. I keep forgetting everyone’s names. I can’t imagine Frank losing the election so I’m curious to see what will happen to Will next. I also don’t think that counter-terrorism guy will be able to keep his mouth shut. Word will get out that they had the terrorist kid during the investigation.

Lucifer, episode eighteen

Charlotte staples the gash in her stomach and prepares to dispose of the body in her office. she quits that and calls in a favor before leaving the apartment.

Amenadial and Lucifer discuss the sword and their father’s manipulation. Then Lucifer is ready to go with the sword but Amenadial wants to process things.

Linda walks into her office and finds Charlotte waiting for her. She needs medical attention and coerces Linda into helping her.

Lucifer asks Chloe for some help as they walk on the crime scene. He needs advice dealing with Amendial. They get to where Ella is with the body. It’s the one from Charlotte’s office. He’s been shaved and bleached before being dumped.

After being distracted looking for his brother, Lucifer leaves the scene and goes to Linda’s office. He finds his mother there and her light bleeding problem. He tells her that this will probably cause her human form to burst and mentions Amenadial having the piece of the sword.

She tells him about the body and he’s worried that Chloe will solve the case and get hurt by his mother in the process.

To track his brother, Lucifer needs the best. He goes to talk to Maze and she isn’t interested in doing him any favors. He pleads to her

Chloe talks to the victim’s brother. The Ruiz family obviously had a lot of enemies but Chloe promises to be fair.

Ella is in the lab with Lucifer. He is trying to muck up the evidence but it’s no use. There are no real leads. Chloe comes in and the three of them talk about the case. Lucifer’s talk of his father gives Ella an idea. Satellites footage.

Amenadial is talking about his relationship with his father, during improv class. Dan tries to tell him to lighten up. It doesn’t work.

Lucifer and Chloe follow up a lead Ella found from the satellites. He tries to dissuade her but it’s no use. They approach the company that might be involved in the coverup and find two people hauling a body.

Chloe asks some questions. Turns out the company is certified to clean up crime scenes and the like. Lucifer still rushes the process and Chloe is upset with him for hiding things from her.

Dan and Amenadial chat after class. Dan leaves and Maze comes in and they chat before she tazes him.

Ella and Chloe talk about Paris and Vegas and the case.

Amenadial and Lucifer discuss what to do with the sword. Amenadial doesn’t want to unleashed Lucifer or his mother on heaven but Lucifer says that their mother’s powers are coming back. They don’t have a choice. Maze comes in to tell them they have a problem. Their mother is missing.

Charlotte goes to see Linda. She wants to know what she knows about Lucifer and what he might be planning. Linda doesn’t want to talk but Charlotte doesn’t really give her a choice.

The case has another victim. One of the two sisters from the cleaning company. The other sister admits to being involved in a coverup. She won’t talk though. She thinks this was a warning. Chloe calls Lucifer for help.

He can’t help her though. His mother is at Lux. This gives Chloe an idea. Meanwhile, Charlotte now knows of Lucifer’s plan to ditch her. She’s pissed and wants the piece. Amenadial tells her she’ll have to kill his.

Lucifer and Amenadial come up with a strategy. It’s too late though. Chloe and Dan are confronting Charlotte while Amenadial goes to see Linda. Lucifer calls his mother and finds out that she’s with Chloe. He panics and calls his brother, pleading for the last piece of the sword.

Maze goes to Linda’s office and finds her all battered. She’s bleeding out. Maze comforts her and cries. Amenadial comes in.

Chloe and Charlotte are talking on the pier. Lucifer tracks down Dan, who inadvertantly was hiding the last piece for Amenadial. Then Lucifer confronts his mother while Chloe argues, even though she doesn’t understand. Then the second killer shows up. It’s the brother.

The hospital is too far. Linda won’t make it. Maze cries. She needs more time. Amenadial summons his powers.

The brother shoots at Charlotte for the sake of his family but then time stops. It’s because of Amenadial. Lucifer grabs his mother and jumps off the side of the pier. Then he ignites the sword and he’s ready to end things. She tries to talk him into giving her the sword.

He rips a whole in the earth and sends her through it. It leads to nothing and she will be a casualty of war. They will not see each other. She goes through and the body of Charlotte stays there. It’s not his mother though. It’s the real Charlotte.

The brother on the pier is dead. Amenadial is relieved. Linda is being rushed into the hospital.

Chloe and Lucifer talk. She tells him that he needs to trust her and that he is not alone. Then she walks away.

Lucifer goes to visit Linda. She tells him that none of this is his fault and that she came into this with her eyes wide open. He realizes he needs to give Chloe that same chance and as he leaves the hospital calls and tells her that he has something to tell her.

Then he gets hit in the head and wakes up in the dessert with his wings. He’s back in hell maybe? I guess?

I was very concerned about Linda. I would be sad to see her go. Otherwise this annoys me. They do this whole Lucifer is missing/he abandons Chloe thing before every hiatus. They should find some new plot device or just quit. It annoys me

Frequency, epilogue

Frank fixes the ham. He talks to Raimy again. He caught Robbie and he died in prison.

Raimy breaks the rules and tells him when he would die. She wants him to avoid leaving the house that day. She wants him to promise but can’t get a response on the ham. She gets better. He walks into the garage.

I like that this was released. Most shows don’t give closure. And it’s a happily ever after.

Frequency, episode thirteen

Raimy is reveling in her new life. Her mom is a doctor. Gordo is a lawyer. Daniel is back and they are engaged. She talks to Frank about it on the ham. He tells her that they are going to go off the grid for a few days.

She goes to the station and talks to Satch. She wants to learn from the best so she is going to read the Nightingale case.

Robbie is the killer. The deacon is taking the fall for him. He tells his son to put it behind him and move on.

Satch and Frank are walking and talking. Satch gets a call that the deacon is turning in a signed, detailed confession. Frank tells him that they are going to go away for a few days.
Stan is at home with his father. He accuses him of being a dirty cop.

Adult Robbie gets home to find out that his son got in a fight. He tells him that no matter what violence is not the answer. Then he goes and prays.

Raimy is walking through the lot at the station. She sees a truck that jogs a memory for her.

Frank has the family at a cabin in the woods. It’s snowing and they frolic.

Back at her desk, she runs the plate from the truck. She saw it out near the deacon’s cabin. It’s connected but she’s not sure how. She tells Satch as much.

Out at the cabin, Frank has a phone call with his undercover girlfriend. She says that things are about to get crazy.

Following the address for the truck, Raimy gets to the house and is surprised to find Robbie. She talks to him with a cover story about the truck.

Satch and his family surprise the Sullivan’s at the cabin. A fun time is had by all. When they get back, Frank talks to Raimy on the ham. She tells him about the truck and Robbie and asks him to go talk to Robbie and Megan.

Daniel confronts her when she gets inside. He wants to know who she’s talking to on the ham. She tells him that she has to trust him but that she will never tell him who it is.

Frank goes to visit Robbie and Megan. Robbie seems nervous but tells Frank what he wants to hear.

Robbie is visiting Megan at the hospital when her doctor comes in. Julie Sullivan. He goes to visit the deacon in prison and tells him he might not be able resist. The deacon tells him to suck it up.

At a bar, Satch tries to convince Frank to come to a celebration. He’s not interested though. He wants to sit along. Stan approaches and talks about how they are the same.They talk on the ham and Frank basically says they shouldn’t talk anymore. She tells him that he’s dead in present day and he tells her to spend time with her mother.

Robbie is backing out. He can’t say that stuff about the deacon because he’s not a monster, I’m not a monster. He admits to the murders.

Raimy talks to her mother and finds out Megan is her patient.

Megan and Raimy fight. He kills her.

Time warp. Megan isn’t Julie’s patient. She has no idea who that is.

Frank gets a call from Robbie. He’s say he messed up. Frank heads over and Robbie is gone but Megan’s body is there.

Satch and Raimy talk about Megan. Robbie was the Nightingale but he was never caught. The deacon is in jail for the murder of his wife.

After finding Megan, Frank knows Julie is next. He calls Stan to go to his house and protect her. Stan rushes to his car but he’s shot by Frank’s undercover girlfriend. She speeds off and leaves him bleeding out in the driveway.

Julie is making a sandwich when Robbie sneaks into the house. She brings the food to Gordo and Raimy in the garage. Robbie follows.

Raimy gets home and her engagement party is in full swing. She ignores everyone and goes to the garage. She hears what’s happening and yells at Robbie. Gordo Sr. comes in and gets shot. Robbie breaks the ham.

Frank gets home to see Robbie dragging Julie to his truck. He shoots Frank and tries to get away but Satch smashes his car. Robbie gets away but Julie is safe.

Present day Raimy goes inside to find the house dark. She’s confused until she gets to the living room and sees everyone watching an engagement video. Her mom is still alive. Someone is walking a dog outside. It’s an adult Robbie.

I liked this. I think that it was too much to try and maintain a series with a premise like this. It wouldn’t sustain. I do have a few questions though. Mainly about the fates of Stan, Frank and Gordo Sr. Also, Moseby. I liked him.