Dear White People, episodes four to seven

Coco is the next featured student. She’s trying hard to fit in with the white folks but Sam puts her on blast on the radio. Her white friends can’t believe that she used to be friends with Sam.

Flashback to early days at Winchester. They were roommates and mocked the white people together. Coco tried to fit in though while Sam got more involved with the black community at the school.

Coco joined a black sorority and Sam joined the BSU. Their friendship wen off the rails soon thereafter. Coco doesn’t think Sam gets it because although black, her skin is much lighter.

After that Coco quits the sorority and starts hanging out with the white people again. Sam makes a peace offering and Troy starts sleeping with her. He tells her he will show her off around campus.

Reggie usual rolled alone but he fell for Sam early. He wants to do everything he can for the revolution all the time but Joelle and Al (Jemar Michael) tell him to take a break sometimes.

He’s mostly hung up on Sam dating Gabe, and everything else that happens to bother him on any given day. He complains a lot about being oppressed. They make an Asian friend along the way named, Ikumi (Ally Maki).

They go to a party at the house that had the blackface party and Sam and Gabe are there. Reggie tries to have fun and plays tipsy trivia with someone he knows from class named Addison (Nolan Gerard Funk). Afterward everyone is dancing around and Addison, while singing along, uses the N word.

Reggie tells him not to and they discuss it before the blackface party host, Kurt, gets involved. Tensions rise, punches are thrown and security turns up. They single Reggie out and go as far as pulling a gun on him. Shit is real. People are crying and Reggie is scared. The cop lets him go and breaks up the party. Sam tries to talk to Reggie but he blows her off. He goes back to his room and cries while she knocks on the door.

Winchester is trying shove what happened to Reggie under the rug but Sam isn’t about to let it happen. The black caucus meets to talk about what to do but no one can agree. They all decide to go with Reggie to talk to Troy’s dad though.

Funny thing. Reggie doesn’t turn up for his meeting so everyone else just sits there and waits. On the way out they discuss how to reach him and how to be heard. They are going to form a blockade at the pep rally.

After having coffee and meeting Gabe’s very white, though supportive of the black cause friends, Sam tracks Reggie down and goes with him to an open mic. It’s something he does on the regular but she had no idea. He reads a poem and she is thoroughly impressed. She wants him to read it at the blockade but he isn’t interested in going.

She doesn’t understand why. She’s just trying to bring attention but he doesn’t want that. They get back to his dorm and he goes inside. She’s in the hall looking in and he keeps the door open. She comes in and closes the door. Her phone rings and she ignores it.

Gabe is a bit insecure about Sam and Reggie. He hates that he has to tip toe around certain political issues but will do it anyway. The caucus decides to protest a university organized town hall. Sam hands out jobs and pairs herself with Reggie. Gabe is paired with Joelle.

He and Joelle get along well enough. He talks a little about his insecurity before moving on to her love life. She’s into Reggie but has never understood his relationship with Sam. Gabe admits he’s the one that called the cops at the party. Joelle tells him never to tell Sam.

Sam goes with Gabe to a dinner with his friends. They argue about the ethics of affairs and things are still tense on the walk home until he declares his love for her. She says it back and they go back to his room together.

The next morning Lionel’s story is up, complete with the 911 audio. Sam finds out it was Gabe and leaves. He is sorry and tries to tell her but she doesn’t listen. He shows up at the caucus meeting and Coco and Troy take his side. It’s not enough. He’s not welcome.

I’m not going to front. I probably would have called the cops too. And it always seems like Reggie and Sam are on the verge of something. She’ll probably end up with Troy though. I feel bad for Coco because she seems to be the only one that knows what it’s like in a tough area all the time. And Reggie.


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