Supergirl, episode nineteen

Maggie is negotiating a hostage situation and Supergirl comes in and save the day by busting up a building and hurting a few bad guys in the process. She’s all smiles for Maggie though.

Later that night, Alex, Maggie, Kara and plywood are having pizza dinner because Alex burnt the paella. Plywood and Kara are reveling in her victory at the bank but Maggie is less than enthused. She’s still a fan of good old fashion police work and is sick of bad guys getting off using the “supergirl defense.”

Kara has heard enough. She’s sorry if she’s messed up a few things but she does good work and Maggie has hurt her. Alex tries to play peacemaker but its no use. Kara storms out and plywood follows. Alex tells Maggie she wants them to get along and Maggie lets her know that she is cool with Kara. She has issues with Supergirl. Alex asks her not to be so stubborn and then chases after Kara to tell her to do the same.

Rhea comes to see Lena and they talk about tech. Rhea’s proposal is revolutionary. Rhea needs help though because it’s all theoretical.

At CatCo, Maggie catches up with Kara. She’s looking for Alex. She hasn’t seen her since she left the apartment the night before. Kara says she never caught up with her. Kara’s phone rings. It’s Alex. Only it’s not. She’s been kidnapped and she will be killed if Kara doesn’t comply to the criminal’s demands. And he knows that she is Supergirl.

Alex wakes up in a tank. She’s trapped but she notices a camera and starts making threats.

At the DEO, Kara tells everyone what happened with the phone call and Alex. J’onn goes through what they know and Winn can’t get a read on her. Maggie says they are looking at things the wrong way. Don’t think about Supergirl. Think about the prisoner that the caller wants freed.

Lena and Rhea are out to eat and they are complimenting each other’s genius. Conversation moves to family and then heads to tech. Lena thinks they will end up friends either way and Rhea “thanks the gods” for that.

J’onn, Maggie and Kara go to see the prisoner, Peter Thompson (Gregg Henry). He is kind of smarmy and really no help at all. J’onn reads his mind. Dude knows nothing.

Winn calls and finds out that Thompson has a son, Rick Malvern (David Hoflin). He grew up inthe same town as Alex and Kara. It’s a tricky family situation but now he wants daddy dearest free.

Kara goes to Malvern’s house and doesn’t find Alex but finds the man himself. She yells at him but he doesn’t back down. He does let Kara talk to Alex through a PA system. It’s frantic. Alex knows who the bad guy is. Malvern cuts the feed.

They bring him in and he’s able to block J’onn so Maggie goes in to ask the questions. Malvern has been planning it for a year. He knew about Kara back when they were kids. He was a nice kid. His mom abused him and his dad saved him. Now he is going to return the favor. Kara attacks him but Maggie calls her off. He makes a comment about trying to figure out who loves her more.

Lena is going over the diagrams when Rhea turns up. Lena tests her and proves she is an alien. Lena knows something is up and won’t trust her. She tells her to bounce.

They bring Thompson in to talk to Malvern. He’s happy to see his boy and wants to his the road but they have to play fair and give them something to find Alex. Malvern knows something is afoot. He knows it is J’onn in disguise. He’s right.

Alex messes with the camera and activates her tracker. It shows up on the DEO software and Winn uses it to find her. Kara interrupts Maggie’s interrogation to tell her but Malvern still acts like he is in control. Kara is brash and rushes out. It’s the wrong choice. The timer, which was at 23 hours, jumps to four and Alex’s tank starts filling with water.

Kara gets back to the DEO and yells at Malvern. He doesn’t blink. He gets Alex on the intercom and tells her the situation. Alex tells Kara that Supergirl is bigger than her and not to negotiate with terrorists. Maggie comes in and Alex wants a minute with her alone. She takes the laptop away. Alex wants to tell her something big but Maggie isn’t having it.

They only just got started. They are going to have a lot of firsts together, a lifetime of firsts. They have to get a dog together. They’ll name her Gertrude. Maggie is crying. Alex is crying. The tank is filling with water and the feed cuts.

Rhea comes back to talk to Lena. She says that she thought she’d hate aliens, that’s why she lied. Now she knows better. She still wants to work together. Rhea says she made a mistake. Lena says she will think about it and Rhea leaves.

At the DEO, Kara’s phone rings. It’s Lena. She needs an opinion on someone. Kara tells her that she will call her back. She stands there feeling useless and scared. J’onn tries to comfort her but he feels the same.

Maggie heads back to the interrogation room. She comments that neither of them want to lose. He says that Kara is too much of a Girls Scout but Maggie could do it, get his father out. He knows she loves Alex. Let’s get back the people we love, he says.

Super genius badass Alex makes herself a life preserver. Kara gets ready to ask Maggie what’s what but Maggie is gone. She’s at the prison. She’s breaking Thompson out, with Alex’s alien gun but Kara intervenes cause she has to be the hero. She tells Thompson to be a good father. The timer goes off. Alex is out of air. Thompson knows one place his son might’ve taken Alex.

Supergirl and Maggie rush in and find the tank. Supergirl punches through the glass and Alex is free. She’s shivering and choking up water but she will live.

Back at the DEO, Alex wakes up in the med bay. Maggie is waiting with her. Alex wants to finish what Maggie wouldn’t let her say before. She tells her that she wants to have all the firsts with her, forever. Alex loves Maggie. And Maggie loves Alex. They kiss.

Alex and Maggie head out to the command center and find Malvern being escorted out. Alex asks J’onn what he plans to do and he says memory wipe. Alex punches Malvern and tells J’onn to let him remember that.

Maggie and Kara have a moment after talking about both loving Alex and the right way to do things and then they hug. Kara’s phone rings. It’s Lena. They make brunch plans but the advice is a moot point now. She figured out her problem.

Lena and Rhea are going to change the world.

This was disrespectful. Maggie should be the hero! She shouldn’t have needed Kara to come talk her down. I’m glad they saved Alex and that Maggie got a moment with her first. They are in love and will have a lifetime of firsts together and be adorable and wonderful and it will be amazing. Alex wasn’t around everyone else much but she did seem to have no use for plywood when they were in the same room and that was great. I also loved Winn stepping up and yelling at Malvern at the end.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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