iZombie, episode five

Major is out in the field with his zombie squad for the first time.

Clive needs some help with a cold case he picked up from another detective. The body was cremated but Ravi has the brain. The victim was a dominatrix.

Liv eats some brain and then they head to the victim’s place and snoop around. Liv has a vision. DA Baracus but he has an alibi.

In the war zone, Major gets some medical treatment for being shot. He gets a few pats on the back. He also sees some locals in a freezer.

At Clive’s request, Liv meets with the sketch artist at the station and gets several of the victim’s clients drawn. She has another vision. The local news anchor. He has an alibi though.

After talking to the anchor, another detective yells at them for getting involved in his case. The one where the zombie family was murdered.

Clive gets an idea. Use the big zombie company to smoke out the zombie hunter. They have a meeting there and bring the zombie folks up to speed. Liv has another vision. It’s a big time defense attorney.

They bring him in and talk to him. He’s got an alibi but answers some questions for them. They know the dominatrix had a peeping tom problem and get him to ID the man from a sketch.

Blaine’s former lackey makes the rounds of the drug infested underbelly of the city. He’s looking to make a zombie.

The news anchor is back, with the defense attorney to represent him. He might’ve obstructed justice a bit because he was being blackmailed with a recording of his session.
The possible zombie murderer comes in to see Vivian and her people. He knows there are zombies and has a group of people willing to battle the zombies. They bug him.

Everyone is working with the news anchor on the blackmail handoff to catch the perp. He tries to run but they get him. They bring him in and Liv plays bad cop. She gets a confession.

Major health takes a turn for the much worse. His army friend rushes him to the morgue. Ravi wants to give him the cure but Liv stops him. His wounds would kill a human. She sets up a transfusion to save him.

The new zombie bar is up and running. Business is booming.

Liv is sitting vigil with Major. Ravi is too but he’s falling asleep so she sends him to bed. Major wakes up and Liv apologizes for what he’s going through. He wants her to do something for him. He wants to her to remind him of what they meant to each other. He doesn’t want to forget them. There is a silver lining though. She will knock him off his feet again. He kisses her. She kisses back.

The next morning Ravi is in the kitchen alone with the serum. He brings it up and explains what will happen to Major. It’s all very somber. Ravi injects Major.

I didn’t see that coming. I mean in retrospect it’s obvious but I really thought that Major had moved on and that wouldn’t happen. I didn’t mind it and it’s interesting that they can go back to square one and try again. There wasn’t a lot of Ravi in this one. I missed him.

iZombie is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


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