Lucifer, episode fourteen

Charlotte is at Lux and she is pissy with Lucifer. It’s been weeks and she hasn’t heard from him. Maze turns up just to take a few swipes at her.

Lucifer is busy making a business deal.

Chloe and Dan are on the scene. Dan is asking about Lucifer but Chloe just wants to change the subject. Kind of hard when Ella brings him up right away. On to the case. Guy named Ash that was in a band maybe got in a bar fight. Not a robbery.

They head over and talk to the band. They aren’t much help but do point the pair in the direction of the victim’s ex-wife. Dan follows it up and it might be a lead.

Back at the station, they are talking about the ex when they get interrupted. Lucifer is back and he has the audacity to shush Chloe. She’s upset. She’s been worried. And now he’s here…. introducing his wife.

She sits at a desk while Lucifer and Chloe hash out their situation. He had family issues and wants to go back to the way things were. She’s having trouble piecing it all together but agrees. Dan comes over. The ex-wife, Courtney, is in interrogation.

She was the responsible one that provided for them both. Ash just let the world provide. He was immature. Chloe can relate. Courtney has an alibi and suggests the divorce mediator since he was shady when he took all her money during the divorce proceedings.

Amenadial and Charlotte cyberstalk Lucifer and find out that he’s married.
Dan and Chloe check out the alibi. It adds up. They have no other leads but the mediator who doesn’t seem that sketch, until Charlotte notices him in the crime scene photo.

Lucifer starts making plans on how to handle the case but Chloe tells him he isn’t on the case. He doesn’t get to just waltz back in like nothing changed. He let her down.
Time for a session with Dr. Linda. He thinks that everything is because of his father’s manipulation. He just needs Chloe to see sense. Linda suggests Lucifer “keep showing up.”

Lucifer figures out how to help the case. He makes an appointment for himself and Candy with the mediator. He and Chloe argue. She kicks them out. Back at the penthouse, he argues with his mother. She then invites Candy shopping.

At the Decker household, Chloe and Maze discuss Lucifer. Chloe feels like an idiot. Maze assures her that Lucifer will come around but she isn’t sure she wants him to. Maze comments that it sounds like Chloe and Lucifer need a mediator.

Chloe and Lucifer go to the mediator and she brings up their real life issues. He tells her that he has been through hell. She says that she is the one that almost died and he said that’s what he was talking about.

They take a break and the mediator talks to Chloe. She tries to catch him being corrupt but it doesn’t work. He was actually a big fan of the band. They were trying to inflate sales and make it big. He says that he was at the crime scene looking for victim because he had been fighting with the bassist.

Candy and Charlotte go shopping and talk. Charlotte wants to know what’s what. Candy says that they are family and she knows Charlotte only wants what is best for her son. Afterward, Amenadial and Charlotte talk about how broken Lucifer is.

Ella, Dan and Chloe talk about the band and Lucifer and the case. The bassist has a few priors but nothing serious. They don’t know that it’s her until they look at a picture of her wielding her bass like an ax. Now the marks on the victim’s head make sense.

Chloe goes to a club that the bassist might be at. No sign of her but Lucifer is there. Singing and sending messages and catching the bassist. It brings a smile to Chloe’s face.

Back at the station, Lucifer plays the bass, which had the victim’s blood on it. They talk about the case with Ella until Amenadial shows up. He and Lucifer talk. He realizes that Candy is Lucifer trying to protect Chloe.

Dan and Chloe head into interrogation. The bassist has an alibi. They also get another lead. The last person to hold the bass was the drummer. Dan stays behind under the guise of finishing the police report. Lucifer and Chloe head to the the drummer’s house.

Lucifer gets caught by the drummer and says that Chloe doesn’t need him so he might as well kill him. Chloe shoots the drummer to save Lucifer. Afterward Chloe and Candy talk about how important Chloe is to Lucifer.

Charlotte and Lucifer have a talk. He doesn’t forgive her but recognizes her actions were coming from the right place. She also has something else to talk to him about. Going back to heaven. She knows how they can. With Azrael’s blade.

Candy and Lucifer talk by a limo. It was fake. She is leaving. It was just to con his family but she does warn him not to screw things up with Chloe.

I forget how much I like this show when its not on. I’m rooting for Lucifer and Chloe to get together. I think it’ll happen at the end of the season but I’m not sure when that is. I have no concept of what a season is when this show comes back from winter hiatus in May. It was a good episode though. I liked Lucifer singing.

Lucifer is new Mondays at 9 p.m.


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