The Americans, episode nine

Some guys in suits are talking about blood. There was a lot in the file.

Philip is with Kimmy. They celebrate her birthday and talk about his son and doing right by the kids.

At the travel agency, Elizabeth is doing the books. They joke that Henry should be doing it instead. Then they talk about Paige and Matthew and then the Vietnamese kid. Elizabeth thinks he is lonely and is going to bring him dinner. They get interrupted by a phone call. It’s in code but it’s Gabriel’s people.

Stan is at work. They intercepted some stuff from Thailand around the time of Gad’s murder. The higher ups want to use Oleg to find out more about this information. Stan takes time to think about it.

Elizabeth heads to the other house. No sign of the Vietnamese kid. Philip stays home and listens to recordings. Elizabeth waits. She calls the defector house. She snoops around the house. She heads home at 3 a.m.

They talk about the kid staying out all night and then Philip brings up his recording’s from Kimmy’s house. They talks about the blood. The virus they got a few weeks ago via the blood turned up. The Russians used it in Afghanistan.

Philip meets with a priest that used to spy for Gabriel. They talk and then Philip makes his excuses. The priest wants to meet on the regular but Philip says no.

Stan meets with Gad’s widow. They make small talk and then he asks her what her husband would have suggested for the Oleg situation. She says revenge.

The Jennings’ get home. Henry is waiting for them. He wants to talk to them about going to a private high school in New Hampshire. They are stunned. He pushes and they are just don’t know how to react. He gives them a brochure.

MARTHA! Martha is cooking and eating her dinner when there is a knock on the door. She answers it and finds Gabriel there. He comes in and it’s awkward. He asks about her

life and they talk about how she’s coping. He says that they will help her and mentions Clark. She tells him she understands now and that he can leave.

Elizabeth and Philip talk about Henry’s schooling. She’s for it. He’s not. She thinks it is time for him to grow up but he says Henry can do that at home.

Oleg gets summoned to another office.

There is a team including Elizabeth that is following the Vietnamese kid. He gets on a Greyhound bus.

They ask Oleg if he had any contacts he might have in the States. They push. Conversation turns to Stan and then Nina and then the operation involving all of them.

The Greyhound pulls into Harrisburg, PA. Philip is there to follow the kid.

Oleg goes home and talks to his parents. First about what happened with him and then about his mother being in a camp.

The team stays on the kid.

In Russia, Oleg goes to a prison and talks to one of the prisoners.

The kid gets home and Philip and Elizabeth immediately confront him. They slam him into the wall and put a gun in his face. He says he goes out of state to call his foster brother who has leukemia. They talk about it on the way home. Elizabeth believes him. Philip thinks he is looking to get caught so that he can “get out of this shit and start over.”

Philip is cracking and it is so magnificent to watch. He is just spiraling further and further and if Henry goes to this out of state school he stand no chance. Elizabeth is turning Paige into a mini-me. I feel so bad for Martha. She just can’t win and that’s such a shame. Was this the first episode with Henry and no Paige?

The Americans is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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