Chicago Fire, episode twenty

Severide is at the hospital. Anna is asleep. He asks the doctor about her condition. She wakes him up and sends him on his way.

Casey gets to the house and talks to Boden about saving the surviving firefighter from last week. He’s got to find a way to save him from the hearing.

Otis and Cruz are looking for a new roommate. Brett offers and they are not all that interested. As Kidd jokes about everyone in the house wanting to live together the alarm goes off.

Everyting responds and squad goes inside. They find some flames and victims as well.
Boden and Casey talk to the guy in charge of the hearing and explain the situation. He’s open to an alternative.

Kidd talks to Severide about her past and Anna. Everyone is pulling for her.

Cruz and Otis are still saying no to Brett moving in but she pushes. They don’t like the idea of a woman roommate. She tells them to write down all the potential roommate questions and let her have a shot at them.

The alarm sounds. Ambo reports to a rock climbing facility and finds two young people snuck in. There was an accident and now it seems that the woman has a spinal injury. They are able to strap her in and take her to Med.

Severide gets a visitor. It’s the daughter of the woman he saved earlier. She mentions that her mother won’t leave the building even though it’s not safe.

Brett goes through the interview process with Cruz and Otis. They are rigging it against her until she pulls out the big guns. She secured them all parking spots. The landlord loves her. They welcome her with open arms.

Anna and Severide are talking about food and her condition and what he is going to do about the lady that won’t leave her home.

Casey goes to see the man he got cleared. He doesn’t jump for joy though. He tells Casey that he doesn’t get it. He’s done with the CFD. Casey goes home and talks to Dawson about what to do. She tells him not to quit.

Severide is back at the scene of the fire. He talks to the woman there about the safety of the building. Then about Anna then building lives together.

There are a few growing pains as Brett moves in with the other two. She is big on cleaning and organization.

Maybe the third time will be a charm? Casey goes to talk to the firefighter that was cleared. He doesn’t answer but Casey yells through the door.

Cruz is at his bouncer job and he has to bounce a guy. He uses his hands and ends up getting fired.

Squad is on a call. They pull a trapped man out of a car when Boden comes flying up the street. He got a call about Anna. He lets Severide take it to Med. Anna took a turn and it’s time to say whatever he might need to say.

He goes in and talks to her about staying strong and continue the fight. She does though. And Severide goes downhill.

Casey is at the house when the other firefighter turns up. He can’t go back to his other house though. Casey offers to set him up at 51 but it might take some time.

Severide goes to see the lady that wouldnt leave her house. He pulls off the molding. She can take her husband with her. He needs to take Anna with him.

I mean it was pretty clear from the jump that Anna was just a set up for drama with Kidd and Severide. Now she will help him deal and they will get together. I’m glad Casey helped the other guy.

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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