Chicago Justice, episode twelve

The Committee on Transportation is meeting to talk about trains in Aldermann Chris Jones’ office. An angry constituent comes in and dumps oil on the table. Jones steps outside for air and gets hit by a car. The driver doesn’t stop.

Antonio and Nagel are on the scene talking to witnesses. They don’t get much though. Brett gives Antonio the report. The victim didn’t make it.

Nagel starts interrogating the man that dumped the oil. He’s pissed about the oil trains, “bomb trains” he calls them. He says he didn’t do it though and says to just ask his eco group.

Mark is talking to another committee member with Peter sitting in. They have to hurry this up because the victim was a public figure.

They go talk to the Eco Liberation folks but they are adamant that they don’t kill people.

They want to start a conversation and enlighten people.

Nagel thinks there is a middle ground on all this environment saving business. They track the plate and go pay the SVU owner a visit. It’s a little old lady though. She rents her car out through an app. They track the current renter and the car.

It’s been abandoned and there are a couple of obnoxious teenagers hanging out in it getting high. They answer a few questions but Antonio gets the idea to check the car’s log and finds Jane Reynold’s cell phone number. She was the driver.

She’s sitting on a park bench when they find her, waiting for a ransom handoff because someone took her daughter. A man told her to drive around the city getting money from ATMs. He said that her phone was hacked and she was being watched.

Not everyone is buying her story. They get in touch with the father and bring him in too. Nagel talks to the mother while Antonio sits in with the father. Meanwhile, they find her daughter. She was at the museum on a field trip the entire time.

Mark wants the mother charged. Anna argues with him because she sees the mother as a victim here. Mark makes her a deal. If she convicts the guy on the phone, the mother gets probation.

Antonio and Nagel head to the mother’s house. There is a message and they take it back to the lab. It takes some computer work but they ID the voice. It’s the father. They go and pick him up peacefully.

Anna and Peter are eating dinner and discussing divorce. The public defender stops by. She’s motioning for dismiss. They take it to the judge and argue the specifics. Motion to dismiss is denied. They are in Mark’s office afterward and he doesn’t think they have an argument.

First on the stand is the tech guy. He says that it is the defendant’s voice through an app. The defense points out that the voice was being manipulated. It could have been made to sound like him.

The wife takes the stand and explains what happened. The defense brings up the divorce and how there were initially mentions of violence in the filing but they were removed. As the jury goes to deliberate Mark knows it won’t work.

The jury can’t agree and the judge declares a mistrial. Peter is going to file for a retrial. Nagel and Antonio decide to talk to the kid. She says that her folks didn’t fight. Antonio and Peter talk afterward about family.

Everyone meets because the mother is going to trial now. She and the father fight and then he admits to everything. He’s going to prison and now she’s on probation.

I forgot that Diego was kidnapped that one time. Antonio has had a rough deal. And apparently Nagel has too. I’m glad we are getting backstory there but I want one for Anna. She needs to be more involved.


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