Chicago PD, episode twenty-one

Halstead and Lindsay are eating and talking about his birthday the following day. He tells her about a married couple he read about. They lived across the street from each other for 42. Radio sounds. Bank robbery in progress.

They respond and find the suspects gone, one dead and one wounded. Voight comes and they read him in. Another cop turns up, Detective Upton (Tracy Spiridakos), from robbery-homicide. She fights with Voight and takes over the scene.

The unit is talking about the case when the chief and the detective come in to argue jurisdiction. She’s nasty and spills Platt’s coffee along the way. Chief picks Voight and she is not happy. Calls him a son of a bitch.

Olinsky and Ruzek head to Bucktown to find out about who bought the cell jammer. A guy named T-Rod that runs a burglary ring on the Southside. They roll in and arrest him in a strip club, confiscating his cash along the way.

Turns out that’s not the crew from the banks but they did a home invasion a few days earlier. Voight says to bust them for that.

Ruzek finds something in the files. They figure out what might be a future target and Lindsay and Halstead head over. They are checking security footage when the robbers move in. A gunfight ensues and Lindsay kills one of the robbers as they try to flee. Halstead busts another.

The crew is all kids and the one they bring in won’t talk. He asks for a public defender and child advocate and won’t talk and until he gets them. Olinsky finds the kid from custody and an older guy in Upton’s files. They call her down.

The ME IDs the dead kid and his mother comes in to identify the body. She yells at Erin.

Upton is back and apparently she knows Platt’s name but that conversation ends when she goes into Voight’s office. The older guy from the file was pinched for robbery years back and got shot in the process. He’s out on parole and she thinks he is instilling wisdom in teens from his old neighborhood.

They pay him a visit but don’t get anything except photos of all the kids that work on his used car lot and all the paper files he has on hand. The state’s attorney guy stops by because this won’t fly in court. Voight orders surveillance.

Halstead, Olinsky and Upton go spend time in a van watching. They talk about her work a bit but stop when the see something interesting. They can’t give chase though because they area conspicuous.

Atwater talks to the kid in interrogation. He says that he never shot anyone and starts to cry. Atwater presses but the advocate stops him.

Lindsay used prints to ID two of the crew members. They are from the car lot. She rolls out with Ruzek and Atwater. They get to the house the kids are squatting in and find music blasting. They move in but it’s not good. The two kids, brothers, are dead inside.

The guy they saw leave the car lot earlier was seen at the house that the brothers were murdered in. The team goes and takes him and his girlfriend into custody.

Upton and Erin talk to him but he won’t talk. He uses the same line as the first kid.

Atwater talks to the first kid. Shows him the crime scene photos and tells him that he will protect him. They got their guy. Except. They don’t. Voight talks to the kid and tells him not to talk. He’s got another way.

Mark and the chief are on hand to talk things over. They have evidence of the older guy breaking parole by distributing alcohol to minors. It’s not much but it’ll work. It gets him off the streets.

Voight calls in Upton to talk about closing out the case. She commends him on not accepting the confession and he offers her a spot in Intelligence. She doesn’t answer. On her way out, she talks to Platt. Turns out when she was a kid the diner her father owned was robbed and Platt was the responding officer. She caught the bad guy and made sure Upton was safe. She’s the reason Upton became a cop.

The gang is at Molly’s celebrating Halstead’s birthday. Erin stops by to drop off his gift. Fancy alcohol. Gabby is working bar and tells him to crack it open. When Erin is offered a pour, she says that she is going to head out. Halstead follows and asks if she is okay. She feels guilty about the kid she killed.

I’m glad that they are going to replace Burgess with another woman. I was so pissed when Upton spilled the coffee but the story at the end had me in tears. This is probably going to weigh on Lindsay for a while. I’m glad Voight actually helped the kid in a practical way.

Chicago PD is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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