Designated Survivor, episode nineteen

The recently kidnapped Hannah is dumped in a shipping container by Lazano. The container is on a truck that is then taken away. He makes a call.

Emily meets with a Congressman about things to pitch to the president. The man walks out of the room and gets a text that the “package out for delivery.” Lloyd gets the same text.

Alex is helping give a tour to a high school when they get interrupted by Kirkman. Turns out the deceased president’s son is the one in charge of the program that brought the kids there, the program which needs to be renewed by Congress next month. Kirkman will look into it.

Forstell and Mike don’t know where Hannah is. They haven’t heard from her at all. They head to her hotel room and realize that something is amiss.

Seth and Emily talk about Ethics and then the upcoming NATO summit. He is excited to ride on Air Force One.

Hookstraten is at her ethics hearing. She wants them to consider her lifetime of public service.

Mike and Forstell consult the security footage. They see that she was kidnapped and take the news to Kirkman. They update him on Lloyd and the investigation. He tells them to find Hannah.

Atwood gets some high tech gadgets.

Emily and Moss meet with Kirkman and talk about meeting with the French about de-escaltion. They want to decrease their nuclear arsenal and maybe the States should do the same to set an example.

The plates are back. The van Hannah was taken in is burnt out. Forstell is more concerned with why they took her since it wasn’t to kill her. She’s still in the container yelling for Lazano.

Kirkman has some meetings and then meets with Hookstraten. He pledges support and she tells him she is just going to keep going. The arts grants come up and she tells him who to talk to.

Tyler and Alex talk about adjusting to White House life.

Lloyd shows up for his speaking engagement downtown. He is taken through security and asked to remove his pin. The security guard swaps it out. He leaves and talks to Atwood. Now Lloyd is really under survelilance.

The new Congressman Saldua comes in to talk to Kirkman, who is pitching the arts grant. Saldua isn’t interested. He’s sick of back-room dealing and wants to focus on the maths and sciences. He will look into it on the next budget.

Lloyd is wrapping up his speech and Forstell and company are ready for him to roll out.

Hookstraten looks to be losing in her ethics hearing after Aaron meets with his cousin to talk about the vibe of the committee. He says they have to drag it out until they can swing public opinion. Now she’s got an idea.

The speech is over. Atwood is following and Forstell’s team is too.

The team is meeting in the Oval to talk about what’s what. Emily is working on getting support for the grant.

Atwood sees the congressman that was at the White House with Emily on Lloyd’s porch.
Saldua is talking to Hookstraten. He wants her old school way of doing things out. She offers to step aside if he pushes the arts grant through.

The tech comes in handy. Atwood hears about Hannah and their work with Leonard. They know the feds are looking at the targets they found blueprints for. They have operational control. A twig snaps and Atwood gets jumpy. He starts looking around and finds a deer. Her starts to let his guard down. Turns around. Two shots to the chest. Lazano is there.

Mike and Forstell notice that files are being deleted. If they figure out who is doing it, they find the mole.

Alex talks to Kirkman about bringing the kids back. He says not yet. Hookstraten comes by. She tells him that she is stepping down. She did make one last move though. The arts grant. He says that he won’t accept it and that he has a way to make things work.

Seth is on the phone with his mom talking about going on the plane. Then he and Emily chat about it too.

Kirkman meets with Mike and Forstell about tracking the files. Mike wants him to pull out of the NATO summit but he won’t. Just bump up security.

Hannah is still trapped. They bring her a sandwich and she says she can’t reach. The guard loosens her chains.

Alex and Kirkman hug. He’s upset and she tells him to just tell her something. The Hannah situation is weighing on him.

It’s time for the choir concert. Kirkman tells Tyler that the grant will be passed. He gives his remarks and announces his nominee for Secretary of Education. Kimble Hookstraten.

Hannah is a ninja. She uses the underwire from her bra to undo the cuffs.

It’s time to head to NATO. Kirkman makes his way onto the plane and Seth stops at the base of the stairs to snap a picture. Moss stops him. Sends him up to take a great picture with the president to send to his mom.

When the guard comes back to drug Hannah, she pushes the needle into him and steals his keys. She runs away only to find she is on a huge shipping barge.

Seth though. He’s probably the bad guy because he is just so adorable with the whole sending pictures to his mom stuff. I can’t. Hannah is awesome and I’m sure she will figure something out. It’s a shame they killed Atwood but he really wasn’t serving a purpose. Saldua is going to be a problem for a while.

Designated Survivor is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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