Supergirl, episode twenty

A woman is walking alone at night. She gets cornered by a couple of men. Guardian to the rescue. She’s scared of him too though.

Kara and Lena are having lunch and chatting about things. Lena mentions that she has been very busy lately and Kara tries to ask about it. Lena talks about her new mentor and then uses science words. Lunch ends and they go their separate ways.

James is walking and Winn catches up with him. He wants to know why James bailed as Guardian the night before. James says that people are scared of Guardian. He isn’t a beacon of hope the way that he wanted it to be. Just then a woman starts having an alien fit, high winds, earth shaking type situation. She doesn’t attack anyone. Winn calls it in and Supergirl comes to handle it. The alien is gone though.

The news is calling it terrorism. J’onn and Alex want to get the situation handled before there is a witch hunt. They comment about how great Supergirl is at this and James is upset because he did the legwork. It’s a DEO matter now though.

Lena and Rhea had their first test. It wasn’t a success and Lena is upset. Rhea is all motivational speaker about it. She has faith in Lena, which is exactly what she wants to hear.

Mon-El is taking up space when he sees someone that looks remarkably similar to his mother across the street. He is more concerned with his dessert than the serious situation so he loses her in the crowd.

Guardian breaks up a drug deal and gets a lead on the woman that had the fit. He heads to her house and she isn’t there but a kid is. James takes off his mask to calm the kid down.

He brings him to the DEO and Alex tries to get information by bribing the kid, her son Marcus (Lonnie Chavis), with a burger. James, Winn and J’onn watch. James thinks the interrogation is a bad idea. J’onn gets snarky but Alex comes out and agrees. She advocates for it with J’onn and gets him a day.

Winn is back at his station and Mon-El turns up asking vague questions about scanning instead of outright telling anyone there is an issue.

Rhea and Lena are running tests. Still no luck but Rhea talks Lena through an idea. It might work.

James brings Marcus to work. Marcus doesn’t talk much so James just runs a dialogue on the things in his office. When James mentions his father, Marcus tells him that his own father died when they were fleeing their planet.

Kara is at her desk. Mon-El brings her lunch and then whines about caring about his mother. He tells her he thought he saw her but it was a false alarm.

Marcus plays with James’ camera. Then he sees his mother on the news and says that she would never hurt anyone. James asks where she is and just when it looks like progress is being made, they get interrupted. Elsewhere, Lena fiddles with elements and then Marcus has an alien fit too. At CatCo. Kara scoops him up and flies him away from the building before it can collapse. Lena’s test is a success. When she turns the machine off, Marcus’ fit ends.

They put him in a cell at the DEO and try to figure out where his mother is and what is causing the episodes. James tries to quit but J’onn gives him a speech about finding purpose. It works. Now they are all systems go on figuring out the cause. Kara realizes she’s heard the science words Winn is using. From Lena.

She calls her but Lena doesn’t answer. Rhea does and throws down. She basically declares war and says that Kara started it. Lena is none the wiser.

James and Marcus chat in the cell about being different and learning to trust people.

Marcus knows where his mother is. He has to lead them there. Winn has a dampener to protect Marcus and his mother. They head out and find a bunch of aliens hiding out in a factory.

Lena and Rhea talk about Lena is all thanks for being the mom Lillian couldn’t and Rhea is all you were a great pawn and now I’m gonna wreck things. She swipes Lena’s tablet and starts messing with the portal they created.

Alex was tracking the science and sees that it’s activated. They satellite over and see the portal. Supergirl and J’onn head out. Plywood whines about it being his mother.

Back at the lab, Lena tries to be a hero but Rhea rigged the system.

The aliens in the factory have glowing eyes and the wind is kicking up. Winn wants to bounce but James is trying to get through to Marcus.

Rhea and Supergirl fight. Lena gets knocked out. J’onn is trapped in his own mind and Mon-El pulls a gun on his mother.

James gets the aliens to snap out of it.

Mon-El talks to his mother. She tells him that his father killed himself when Mon-El abandoned them. He gets emotional and she pushes the gun away. The portal is still open. And tons of Daxamites are now arriving on earth.

The DEO radar picks up the Daxam ships. The aliens walk outside and see them. Rhea calls earth “New Daxam” before teleporting herself, Mon-El and Lena to a ship.

I get that we are supposed to like and care about and feel for Mon-El but that doesn’t really work for me. I just have no use for him. This episode was severely lacking in the Maggie department. Also, J’onn is really indecisive for an important government type guy.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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