The Americans, episode ten

Philip is drinking with the defector. They talk about the kids and then he talks about being homesick. Elizabeth is at the other house doing dishes when Tuan gets home. He apologizes and she tells him that he is special but not to make any more mistakes. Philip gets there and they update on the defector family.

They go home and find Paige mopping the floor. She’s in a bad way. She read the pastor’s diary again and he’s worried about her soul. She thinks it is because of all the lying.

At work the next day, Philip and Elizabeth talk about the diary and how to handle Paige. Elizabeth says that it isn’t all bad. Paige is starting to see the pastor for what he is.

Oleg is stalking someone. She might be pocketing money or she might just be a secretary. Then he talks to his partner about the government types coming after him at home.

Unless there is evidence of treason, he’s safe.

Stan and his partner meet with their new mark. She talks about the dentist and this man she is “growing closer” to. He runs packages for the government and gets along well with her son. Oh and he’s a hockey player. For the Soviet national team.

Elizabeth and Philip meet with Granny. They mention the virus they sent out and how it’s being used in Afghanistan. She knows nothing. She tells them that the wheat that they sent was actually stolen from them and now it’ll be years for them to research it.

They talk to Paige about the pastor. They can orchestrate a job offer for him somewhere overseas if she wants it. She asks about the crops and their work. They leave under the impression it went well. Elizabeth has to go back to Kansas.

Oleg has a silent, awkward dinner with his folks.

At the defector’s house, Elizabeth talks to the wife about her class and then her son. She admits that she slept with one of her students. She regrets and just wants her family to be happy.

Stan and his girlfriend have dinner with the Jennings’ and make plans to go out again soon. In the car afterward, Elizabeth wants to know why it bothers Philip so much. He admits that he doesn’t want Stan to end up like Martha.

Philip runs. He goes to EST. Learns that people are machines and should accept that. He gets home and finds Paige doing her homework. They talk about the pastor and changing who you are and then it shifts to Henry. He knows what he wants and Paige thinks it would be good for him. She says that he is different but it sounds a lot like she’s calling him innocent, or to good for this spy life she is now caught in.

Someone picks up and starts to translate the message Philip left during his run.

Paige is packing boxes of food for the hungry with the pastor. She starts talking to him about being lucky. Then he starts quoting the Bible. He knows that she will do great in life.

Meeting at the FBI about couriers and secret message pouches. They are going to attack the messengers at the airport in the bathroom.

At night, Philip and Elizabeth are driving somewhere. He knows whats up but she doesn’t. She keeps asking because she doesn’t like surprises. He eventually parks and takes off his disguise. She follows suit. He pulls out their marriage license and flashback to when they were given their paperwork. He asks if she wants to make it official.

They go inside and the priest that Gabriel was running was there. He blesses their rings and makes them Russian married. They go home and have a moment.

The defector wife picks up her dry cleaning. She is putting it in her car when someone from the embassy approaches. She wants to make sure that the defector knows they will always be welcome in Russia.

Elizabeth and Philip are at home doing actual travel agent work when Paige gets home. She took pictures of the pastor’s diary and wants them to get home a job offer. The diary might help with that. They jump into action, turning the laundry room into a darkroom to print the photos. Philip and Elizabeth read the diary. It’s about Paige’s suffering.

They were actually travel agents for once. I thought that was only their cover so they could get deals on flights to Kansas. I loved that they got married. I also love that Philip still feels guilty about Martha. It makes him human and relatable in a way that Elizabeth is not. It sort of seems like Paige and Philip might team up in the future. They have more developed morals.

The Americans is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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