Chicago Fire, episode twenty-one

Cruz and Capp are going over the ways of the house with the new guy Kannell. They mention Severide not taking any time off and then he turns up and gives some orders about getting squad ready. Cruz is called into Boden’s office. Turns out he is being charged with conduct unbecoming for his issue at the bar. There will be a hearing. Alarm sounds.

Squad answers a call at Soldier Field. The electrician is dangling above the stadium. Kannell and Severide rappel down and get him.

At the house, Mouch runs into an old department friend. Guy is retired and now sells gas detectors. He knows he is getting old but still wants to be around the CFD. Mouch comments that his injuries don’t heal up as quick as they used to.

Capp is excited about his new invention. A jacket fan. There isn’t enough space for Kannell but before Cruz can sort it out his phone rings. Kannell and Casey talk about a first responder bill that he’s pushing as alderman. Cruz’s call was about a possibly suspension because of the charges. He talks to Mouch about it.

Gabby is walking through the house when her father comes in. He knows that she blames him for his divorce from her mother but everyone is doing fine. Gabby points out that that is only the case now. He just wants to still be a part of her life.

Severide goes into Boden’s office where Casey and Boden are already waiting. They want to make sure things are good with Kannell and that he is feeling welcome. Both Kannell and Severide have been through a lot recently. Severide says that he is ready and if Kannell is not he should stay home. This isn’t group therapy.

Kannell is getting coffee when Brett starts chatting with him. She pranks him about decaf. Everyone else is watching TV where Casey is talking about his new bill. He does have some opposition downtown though.

Cruz is doing laundry when Severide confronts him about not telling him about the hearing. Severide is angry but Cruz tries to defend himself. It’s no use. Mouch is trying to get ahold of his friend at the CFD office but hasn’t gotten a call back yet. He figures he will take a ride down after shift. He tells Cruz things are going well.

Ambo gets a call. A well-being check. They get to the apartment of a man that lives alone and finds him in a chair, he startles awake. He seems to be in pain and his tongue is black. They set him up and take him to Med. The whole thing makes Dawson want to visit her own father.

Mouch heads downtown and finds that his buddy retired. The new guy is concerned with “optics” and the CFD’s reputation. He won’t let the charges drop.

Casey is at Molly’s with Tamara talking about the other alderman. She knows a guy and is willing to make a call. Mouch and Herrmann talk about the Cruz situation. He turns up and Mouch tells him the bad news and that he will help him at the hearing. This isn’t over yet.

Gabby gets to her dad’s place. His door is open and he’s arguing with some guy about money. Gabby walks in and he kicks her out, saying he will call her tomorrow.

Severide is alone and freaking out. He’s pacing and staring and upset. Theres a knock on the door. Kidd is there, trying to help but he isn’t up for company. She gives him food and leaves him be.

Casey is at the house when Tamara shows up with the other alderman to discuss the new legislation. Casey gives him a tour and has him speak to Kannell about what happened at his house. Mouch is looking for Casey. He needs permission to go to Cruz’s newly rescheduled hearing. Casey grants it.

Mouch gets to the hearing and discovers he isn’t allowed to talk. He gives Cruz a pep talk and they head in.

Dawson is sitting in Casey’s office. He comes in and they talk about her father. She will give him until the weekend to reach out and then she’s going to break down his door.

In the common room, Mouch gets a call. It’s about Cruz. Suspended no pay for 60 days. Cruz is pissed… at Mouch because he is so out of touch. Mouch apologizes as the alarm sounds. Car accident. Motorcycle and cars and the cyclist went flying.

The driver is in a container truck, and when Casey starts yelling for tools, Mouch flubs it. Casey saws into the side of the truck and Kidd climbs inside. The guy is in rough shape. Ambo takes him away but Mouch is still shaken up.

Shift ends and everyone is leaving except Kannell. He’s messing with the dimensions on the jacket dryer. Severide says something to him and Kannell admits that he doesn’t like being at home. The place is too quiet.

Casey thought after the house visit the other alderman would be on board. No such luck and now the others are jumping ship to avoid the politics of it.

Cruz is at Molly’s complaining. Mouch meets with the gas detector salesman about jobs. Mr. Dawson comes in looking for Gabby. She’s not there though.

She and Matt are at home getting ready for date night and talking about his alderman troubles. Herrmann calls her. She ignores it. He calls Herrmann so they answer and it turns out her father is drunk at Molly’s. He’s in a spot with money and he’s being a weepy drunk about it. He says he has nothing but that’s not true. He has her. She and Matt lead him out of the bar.

At the house, Kannell is fixing up the jacket fan. Severide comes by and helps.

Why is this all Gabby’s problem? Like either she handles it alone or calls her mother? Doesn’t she have a brother floating around that would probably be able to relate to divorced dude issues too? Why was Antonio not called? I feel bad for Cruz with the suspension and I feel bad for Kidd because she is trying with Severide. If someone dies in the finale, it’ll be Mouch. Calling it now.

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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