Chicago Justice, episode twelve

Nagel is at Med with a friend whose brother was shot. He has a drug history but has been clean. The friend’s boyfriend shows up and Nagel heads out. She goes to the crime scene and talks to Ken Banks (Dylan Walsh) and Steve King (Tim Kang) from narcotics. The victim apparently wasn’t quite as clean as they thought.

She takes the case to Peter and argues a bit. He tells her to stay out of the cops way but they could look into it. She gets Antonio to roll out with her. Apparently the vic was an old CI of hers and she thinks the crew that he turned on might be responsible.

They talk to the leader of that crew. He’s on the straight and narrow after his brother got pinched but does point them in the direction of a rival squad. Narcotics already picked him up. And has a witness. Nagel goes in and talks to him but gets nothing.

Antonio and Nagel go to the hospital and talk to the victim, Eric Cates (Tom Guiry aka Scotty Smalls of The Sandlot fame). He tells them what he remembers, which isn’t much, but it doesn’t jive with what the witness said. They go back to the office and talk to Anna. She thinks the witness looks good. He’s a Good Samaritian type.

Next they head back to the neighborhood where the shooting happened. They map it out and decide to talk to the witness. He isn’t home though. His kid is and that’s where things get wonky. Banks and his partner were the ones that busted the kid. The charges didn’t stick and now the father is possibly repaying a debt. They have to keep investigating.

Nagel goes back to talk to Cates. They reminesce about growing up and talk a little about the case. She heads to the office and finds out Antonio has been busy. The heroin at the crime scene wasn’t pure so he looked into that angle. Turns out that was a trend and all the cases involving that situation have the same detectives, Banks and Kim. They might be connected with the gang Cates snitched on.

They head to the hospital to see if Cates told anyone he snitched. He didn’t. He didn’t even tell his sister, but she might be the missing link anyway. Nagel talks to her and finds out her boyfriend knew she worked at the State’s Attorney’s office. He owed money to the gang leader and might’ve used her name. That’s how the get the gang leader.

They bring him in and even though he has a lawyer, he talks pretty quick. Dawson goes to talk to Banks. Nagel picks up Kim at his house. Then Dawson takes Banks outside and busts him. At their arraignment, Anna asks for no bail. Doesn’t work.

Defense attorneys try to set up a deal but Peter isn’t game. Anna heads down to talk to forensics. Turns out there is a recording from the defendant’s car. Defense tries to get the recording thrown out but the judge says no.

Kim wants to talk a deal. He meets with Peter. He’ll go to jail for life if it means protection for his family. In court, the gang leader is on the stand. He tells them about the killings for hire. Next up is Cates. He doesn’t look very good after the cross.

Finally it’s time for Kim to take the stand. He doesn’t hold back. What difference does it make if they kill gang bangers? They’d kill each other anyway. Defense calls him greedy and a rat. Peter is at the bar when defense comes in and tells him that Banks will be taking the stand.

The next morning, he does just that and paints a picture of himself as a civil servant just trying to keep people safe. Peter gets him though. Uses his own logic to make him look bad.

Closing statements have defense bringing up Banks’ record while Peter says that his job as a police officer makes him more dangerous. The jury finds him not guilty.

I’m glad that we found out more about Nagel’s background. Peter got to be himself in court which I like. I want more information about Anna though. Her and Dawson should get more screen time.


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