Chicago PD, episode twenty-two

Erin comes outside to find Bunny waiting for her. She gives her some pearls and asks for nothing in return. Erin tells her that she has to go to work.

Upton took the job. She shows up with Greek donuts. Erin comes in and tells Jay about her visit with Bunny. He offers unsolicited advice. Voight pairs Erin with Upton and Halstead with Olinsky.

Ruzek gets a call. It’s about 911 calls regarding a Facebook stream. They tune in and watch someone get murdered while waiting for coordinates. They roll out as soon as they get them. No sign of the killer but the body is still there when they get there. Along with the word pedophile written on the wall in blood.

The unit talks about what they know. They still have to ID the victim though. They know what car was at the scene and go see the woman it was registered to. Olinsky and Halstead head out. Olinsky comments to Jay about ruining a good thing in Intelligence because of his relationship trouble.

They get to the woman’s neighborhood and there are posters and flyers about a child rapist with a picture that looks like the victim. They talk to the car owner. It was her nephew. He served time as a rapist because he had sex with his underage girlfriend. She was white. When he moved in he had to register as a sex offender and the neighborhood watch got busy.

Voight sends Erin and Upton to talk to the ex-girlfriend in Indiana. They talk to the police and then the girlfriend. She mentions her current boyfriend. She’s got a black eye and he’s got a jealous streak. They head to the local bar and exchange a few words with him before he goes outside to talk. He plays dumb about the murder and then admits he knows about the video. He says it wasn’t him though. He just posted about it online.

Atwater finds something on Youtube. An organization called “Perv Hunters.” They make public shaming videos and have been active in Canada for a while. They recently made their way to Chicago.

There’s a new video up so Olinsky and Halstead go to talk to this offender. He gives them a license plate. Ruzek and Atwater pick up the guy. He’s a white supremacist that “can’t abide” by pedophiles.

Halstead and Voight talk to him in interrogation and he admits to the harassment but denies the murder. They get interrupted by Upton. The second molester just got murdered live online.

Voight recruits the Perv Hunter to set a trap. They film a video of him harassing Olinsky. Set it up to go live with fake info.

Erin calls in Bunny to find out what she is up to. She met a great guy and might have to leave Chicago. This could be goodbye.

The whole unit is waiting for the killer to come after Olinsky. Upton and Erin talk, as do Voight and Halstead. A man drives up and they wait for him to move before grabbing him. He’s got a bag of supplies with him.

Dude claims he was just there leaving business cards, in the middle of the night. He has not arrest record but was brought in for questioning for the murder of a kid in Detroit. Cops there say they just didn’t have the evidence. It’s the kind of case that haunts, they said.

They need a psych profile so Erin brings in a doctor she knows. She determines that he is a vigilante and a pedophile and that he tried to kill himself. He probably also has a kid somewhere, hidden away. They move on his house to find the kid but there’s no one there. There is a backpack with little boy underwear in it.

Erin goes to the interrogation room and cuffs the guy to the wall. She says it isn’t like Detroit. He won’t get away with it. Now they are working the kidnapping angle too and they get a lead from the store where he bought the burner phone. They ID the kid and talk to his mom.

Voight and Olinsky get the mom to ID the guy. Erin goes to interrogation and gets a little physical. The chief turns up and keeps Erin behind to yell at her and Upton. The rest of the unit rolls out. The find the kid but it’s too late.

Afterward, Voight calls Erin into his office. The review board needs her at 9 a.m. He tells her that he’s with her “until the wheels come off.”

This back and forth with Erin at the end of every season gets to be a little played out. She’s in such duress but Olinsky, whose kid was murdered is all blaise. I can’t deal with that. And what happened to the racist guy? They just let him walk? I don’t understand why Voight is deciding now is the time to get involved with Halstead and Erin’s relationship either. Also, Upton and Halstead will probably end up sleeping together just so there is more relationship drama.

Chicago PD is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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