iZombie, episode six

A woman is late for work at a high end grocery store. Her boss tells her if there’s any more drama, she’s fired. She takes her spot at the register and promptly gets slapped across the face.

Major can still remember and can now taste food on account of him being human again. He remembers his night with Liv and she gets soppy with him until she decides to leave. She heads home and talks to Peyton for a few minutes before Blaine comes in and they act all couply. Clive calls Liv. Time for work.

It’s the girl from the grocery store. She was found dead in her bathtub. Clive says that it was murder, probably by someone she knows. They talk to her roommate who refers to her as a hot mess. should be interesting while Liv is on this brain.

Ravi is doing work and Liv is dancing around. He tries to send her out but she can’t find her phone. It’s in the body that they just autopsyed.

Later, Ravi and Major are playing video games. Things are fine at first but as the night goes on, Major’s memory starts to slip. When Liv shows up, Ravi tells her but her food is making her self-centered so she doesn’t really care.

She and Clive head to the club the victim DJed at. The bartender didn’t think much of her and the owner plays it like he didn’t know her, that his wife did. His wife turns out to be the woman that slapped the victim at the store in the beginning.

Turns out the owner and his wife were both having sex outside of their marriage. The affairs are their alibis but they can’t leave town just to be safe.

Major writes letters to everyone to let them know how he feels before he forgets them. Liv comes over and they talk but she’s an ass on this brain so it’s just awkward.

Liv is at the apartment and she’s just being awful. Blaine is cooking breakfast. He mentions sage. Liv has a vision. She runs off, forgetting more things.

Clive and Liv interrogate the kid that worked with the victim. He had a crush but was friendzoned. It’s kind of a dead end.

Ravi is in the morgue trying to understand the mess Liv left when Blaine’s lackey turns up. He offers $50K for the cure. Ravi says no but also points out that it doesn’t work. The lackey says that it does and that Blaine is faking.

Lackey leaves and Peyton turns up to for info on a case. He tells her about the Blaine information but she has no use for it.

At the station, Liv has another vision. The victim pawned a baseball for money. Then she goes to the morgue and Ravi is fed up with her. She forgot the ingredients for the solution and left her shift of Major watch.

Speaking of, he took a bus and lost his memory and the police find him and take him to Dalia’s house.

Peyton talks to Blaine about the absurd theory Ravi had. She tells him it wouldn’t matter anyway. He admits that it’s true and she breaks up with him.

Major talks to his mom. He mentions that it might be time for him and Liv finally.

Liv and Ravi searched for Major all night but didn’t find him. They get back to her place in a panic and find Peyton. She tells them about Blaine. Major calls. His memory is back. The cure works. His mom will drive him home that afternoon.

They head to the morgue to humanize Liv but the syringes have been stolen.

Clive talks to the roommate. She confesses.

Ravi remembers that Major has a syringe.

Blaine starts making the blue stuff.

Major gets home. He gave away the last syringe.

Would be a really different show with no zombies. I like the zombie part and now there is going to be the humans versus zombies battle plus Blaine is back to being a bad guy. I feel bad for Liv but I’m okay with this. I was not okay with this brain. It was awful and she was so annoying. When will Ravi and Peyton get back together?

iZombie is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


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