Lucifer, episode fifteen

Charlotte explains the blade to Amenadial. Lucifer punches through a wall to get it out of it’s hiding spot. She says that to turn it into a flaming blade, Lucifer has to be angry. He tries but no luck.

Lucifer heads to Dr. Linda’s office to talk about controlling his emotions. She tries to make him talk about his feelings for Chloe. He doesn’t take the bait though.

Speaking of Chloe, she’s staring out the window and contemplating Lucifer’s marriage, which seems to have since been annulled. She tries to talk to Maze but she puts on headphones to not listen.

Chloe and Lucifer arrive on the scene and she takes a couple jabs at him. It’s the administrator at a prestige LA private school. Seems that she was stabbed in the back by some commemorative ribbon-cutting scissors that are missing from the scene.

They had to the school, where the students are taught to control their emotions. Lucifer wants to know more about it. Chloe doesn’t want to derail the conversation though. She asks about the faculty and then the parents and gets a lead.

She brings in some parents that threatened the victim. They tell her that they made a huge donation to the school in order to get their son in but he was still rejected, even after the check cleared. The murder weapon was also found at their pool house.

Lucifer is reading a children’s book on emotions at Lux when three blond “detectives” turn up to arrest him. He recognizes that it is his mother’s doing and calls her on it. She wants to hurry up his emotional progress to get back into heaven. She mentions that he would understand if he had kids. Lightbulb moment.

The next morning he heads to the Decker household where Chloe has a theory about the case. Someone at the school embezzled the donation and the victim confronted them. The real killer then murdered her and set up the parents. She has to check the books to follow the money. Lucifer tells her to do that and he will get Trixie to school.

He does. Just not hers. They are back at the private school for a prospective student tour. Lucifer wants to see the classes about emotional control.

Chloe and Dan meet with the assistant dean. He admits to stealing the money but when he finds out that might not be why the parents killed he victim he wants to retract that statement. The PE teacher interrupts and mentions Trixie. That’s how Chloe finds out about the tour.

Trixie and Lucifer are in a class talking about emotions. She says that she has a lot of feelings about her mom’s work but doesn’t feel like she can talk about them with her mother. Lucifer asks the teacher how she would deal with that and the teacher says art. He then makes a crack about the kid next to him, who promptly turns and says that his mother is the murderer.

Dan takes the woman’s contact info. Chloe talks to Trixie and then Lucifer and sends them on their way.

Lucifer parks his car and finds a hooded figure in the parking garage. The person punches him and he can feel it. He’s shocked. They fight and then he figures out that it’s his mother. They argue and she storms off.

The mother is in interrogation. Chloe is reading her email. Trixie is being considered for admission. Dan and Chloe talk about her maybe attending, after they solve the murder. They talk to the mother and she says that she wanted to kill the victim for making her feel like a crap.

Turns out the mom was having an affair with the gym teacher. And the victim wasn’t all that well liked. The grief gathering would be a good place to find out more.

Chloe plans to go and tries to put herself together so that it reflects well on Trixie. She even talks to Maze about it. She goes alone and the school people are judgey until Maze shows up pretending they are together.

They prowl the party and realize that the parents are just waiting for a train wreck so they can gossip about it.

Lucifer and Amenadial argue about their mother. They both want to go home and things are getting tense.

Maze and Chloe have planted bait. The evidence is in the car. Now all they have to do is see who goes out to destroy it.

Apparently it’s the teacher. She’s about to break a window when Lucifer approaches to talk about channeling emotions. He asks if she needed something from the car and then unlocks it. While she searches, Chloe approaches just as the teacher pulls her gun from the car.

There is a bit of a standoff as she holds them at gunpoint and explains that the victim was going to expose that her son was actually the gym teacher’s and not her husband’s. Chloe talks to her as a mom and brings up what Trixie said in the class. She lowers the gun and Maze tackles her.

Chloe tucks Trixie in and talks about the school and how it made her feel. She says that it is Trixie’s choice. They decide no on the school.

Lucifer talks to Linda about pain and his parent’s deserving punishment and how to work through it, both in regard to his parents and Chloe. He goes back to the loft and makes the sword light on fire. He’s in tears though and it only lasts for a few moments. Amenadial defends Lucifer when their mother gets angry.

I don’t care about this Charlotte needs to get back to heaven stuff. I’m glad Maze was more involved and I would love more Dr. Linda scenes too. She’s great and should be utilized more. Same for Ella and… Dan. I can’t even believe I’m saying that. When they aren’t trying to do a Chloe/Dan/Lucifer love triangle thing, Dan is funny.

Lucifer is new Mondays at 9 p.m.


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