Quantico, episode twenty

Clay is talking to his mother about how terrible the situation is and how his team is messed up. She tells him to stop protecting her and start protecting the country.

Alex is freaking out because she hasn’t gotten a call yet. Owen tells her to stay under by any means necessary. She is worried he won’t be able to save her. He tells her that he’s always with her. She gets her call.

Raina is meeting with Felix, trying to convince him that his boss is bad. She tries to point out how privileged he is and how little the favor she wants is in the grand scheme of things. She wants to know about her sister.

Ryan and Shelby are watching movies and bonding. They talk about their feelings and Alex and Clay.

The team is summoned to the bunker. There will be impeachment proceedings. They don’t have a plan yet or Alex or Owen. But they have to figure out what’s what.

At her meeting with the collaborators, Alex finds out that they have 24 hours left of the Haas presidency and she has to convince everyone she is on board with the new era of America. She says that people can be her friends and be wrong about the way the country should run.

She is going to be the face of the operation and Owen tells her to do just that. Meanwhile at the bunker, they want to get rid of Roarke because even the guy next in line after him is better. They are looking for a personal secret.

Raina is distracted and Ryan is trying to track Alex. Shelby thinks this is the right approach but they are still coming up empty. She and Clay have an awkward Caleb conversation. They can’t find anything on Roarke so Shelby mentions Felix. Raina admits to contact with him and they all freak out. Felix reaches out to Clay and he heads out to meet him.

Alex meets with the head of the CIA and brings her new partner along for the ride. She offers him an ultimatum. He’s not very receptive.

Clay gets to the office to meet with Felix but he isn’t there. Roarke is there and offers immunity for the illegal task force if he speaks out against his mother. Clay isn’t game but its too late because there is a reporter that will see him leave and run a story about his help either way. On his way out, Felix is coming in. He tries to talk but Clay blows right by him. He calls Shelby. He wants to use Felix and he has a plan.

Owen and Alex have another meeting. She’s about to move out when Ryan calls again. She tells Owen that she let him go but he hasn’t let her go.

Shelby and Clay go over the plan to set up Felix for revealing secrets. He’ll get arrested and it’ll look like it was on Roarke’s behalf. Two birds, one stone.

Alex is heading into the FBI with her new partner. Ryan calls again and new partner tells her to handle it. They have a vague argument about priorities and winning and second guessing. She tries to warn him off. She hangs up and starts to head through security. She gets stopped because of a water bottle in her bag. She didn’t know she had one. She goes upstairs for the meeting and keeps getting distracted by the water bottles.

She fakes a phone call emergency from Miranda and leaves the meeting to call Owen. She tells him about the ater and that she’s paranoid. He tells her that paranoia is good and they go over what could be up. She is the Trojan horse carrying in a weapon in a water bottle and it seems like they are framing Claire Haas for murder in the process. Owen tells her to let it happen.

Ryan tracked her to the FBI headquarters and is running inside. Alex can’t leave well enough alone and ends up running into him. She recruits him to help.

Clay and Shelby run and op to plant incriminating evidence on his phone. It’s very Bond. She warns him to not mess with Raina and he does the same about her and Clay. She also sends him to a meet up with some Russians. As they part ways, Raina calls Felix and blows the whole thing.

There are a lot of water bottles in the FBI and Alex freaks and calls Owen. He tells her to let it happen, meet with her new partner and leave. Ryan has to get involved though and is going to pull the fire alarm. Alex knocks him out and leaves him in the recycling room.

Felix and Clay meet on the street. Felix is pissed. He resigned and knew Clay was up to no good. He wants nothing to do with Roarke or Clay anymore.

At The Farm, Alex, Owen and Ryan fight. Similarly Shelby and Raina exchange words about the greater good. Shelby, Alex and Owen are willing to fight dirty now but Ryan and Raina aren’t. Alex gets a call. Welcome to the team.

Shelby goes to the bunker and finds Clay. He thought he was on the moral high ground but now he seems that everything is a mess. He tells her he had feelings for her and that now it’s all over.

The whole team assembles and Clay tells them that he is stepping down. If Owen can think of a play, then by all means have at it.

News of the attack at the FBI breaks. Claire decides to call the families to offer prayers. Afterward she heads out and Alex is waiting for her. She says that this is all her fault and Claire tells her that that’s not the case. She tells Alex to stay focused.

Claire goes on tv to announce her resignation. Ryan leaves the farm. Alex cries with Owen.

I’m mostly surprised by Shelby willing to cross lines like that. The rest of them make sense but Shelby was a little shocking. I liked this episode. I like this show. It’s far better than most people give it credit for. I don’t really understand what Alex is going to do once Roarke is in power though.


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