Saturday Night Live, episode nineteen

I don’t really have an opinion of Chris Pine. He’s in a lot of movies. I’ve seen some of them. Trek was good.

Cold open: I feel like we haven’t seen McKinnon enough. She was great here as she always is.

Monologue: They are all alike aren’t they? Evans is the best one. Obviously.

Where in the World?: Hahahahaha this cracked me up.

Song for Peace: Meh.

Recon: I love Kenan. This was great.

The boy is mine: I think this was pretty funny but in a weird way.

Reality show: This is really just the same as regular tv. That should tell people something.

First song: Sure. Sounded fine.

Weekend Update: Consistently the best part of the show. Always.

Auto shop: Bobby Moynihan is great. Always.

The Handmaid’s Tale: I just didn’t really laugh at this.

Future Classics: This was kind of annoying. Not all that funny.

Second song: Not bad.

Game night: This is just weird. I have no idea what I was watching.

Did he sing in every sketch? I mean it’s not bad but it was a lot of music.


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