Saturday Night Live, episode twenty

She’s been around a lot lately so you know that this will be a funny one.

Cold open: Che was just saying what everyone is thinking.

Monologue: That was kind of adorable. Not too many jokes but it was great.

Just Desserts: I’ll admit. I laughed.

Amazon Echo: I don’t know about that.

Press briefing: You had to know Spicer would turn up at some point. It was pretty great too.

First song: I don’t understand why HAIM is so popular. They are okay?

Weekend Update: I love these two. They are great. And Pete Davidson is pretty funny too. He doesn’t get used enough.

Film society: This is like sometimes recurring and I’m usually a fan. This time was pretty funny too.

Kyle & Leslie: What is this even?

Second song: Why did they change clothes?

Mom animals: They did this before with mom hair. I loved it then. I love it now.

Lighthouse Features: This wasn’t funny.

Next week is the finale. Dwayne Johnson hosts.


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