Chicago Justice, episode thirteen

Antonio comes out of his place and gets an alert. He rushes to a scene right away. A crane fell at a work site. There are people everywhere. Lindsay is trying to restrain a woman running onto the scene. Her husband was killed. A beam on a crane hit a building, collapsing several floors before the crane fell.

Nagel and Antonio head to Med to talk to the crane operator. He says that he’s never done drugs not even in high school. He doesn’t know what happened.

The owner of the site is a big name in the city and he’s friends with Mark. The man that was killed was his son-in-law and his daughter is naturally distraught. The family heard that the crane operator had drugs in his system.

Peter goes to talk to the daughter. She works for her father, as did her husband. She was on the phone with him at the time of the collapse. She rushed downtown but it was too late. Now she doesn’t know what to tell their 4-year old daughter.

Boden explains what happened at the scene to Antonio and Nagel. Even if the operator was high, it wouldn’t have caused the accident. The equipment was tampered with. This was intentional.

Anna and Antonio talk about the case. They meet with Nagel who has a lead on who maybe messed with the equipment. Anna leaves and meets with Linden. He doesn’t have the time to talk and wants the crane operator charged. He says he has a lot of enemies and names on guy in particular.

They bring in the other guy. He’s a small business contractor. He gets screwed over by the big businesses all the time and once he decided to fight back. He says that he didn’t do the riverfront property but he’d bet that Linden made it out ahead in the deal.

Research leads to Linden’s financials. He’s declared bankruptcy multiple times and all sorts of other backroom dealing. He also took out a massive insurance policy on the riverfront site before the accident.

Antonio knows a guy that could do the tech but Peter says no. A firefighter that they both knew gets brought up. Nagel pushes Antonio about it and Antonio admits that the firefighter died in a situation similar to the crane incident. They get a lead about a mob connection.

They track that down at a bar. Linden met with the mobster, and his daughter. Bartender IDs her. They bring that to Peter and he and Anna go to see the daughter after Anna confirms the daughter’s story has holes.

She won’t talk at first but Peter threatens to take her daughter away and arrest her. She finally relents. She knew the crane was going to fall.

Peter brings in Linden. They talk but Linden knows his daughter won’t testify against him so it’s no use to stop him when he walks out.

Nagel and Antonio go talk to the mobster construction guy. He denies involvement but Nagel notices something on the wall. A photo of the car the tamperer used. They go to his house and his wife lets them look at the car. The chemical used is in the trunk.

Time for Peter to make the arrest but Mark made a deal. They take it to court even though Peter is pissed. The judge agrees to it but Peter finds a loophole and arrests him for murder. Out on bail, Linden confronts Mark but he doesn’t back down even though they’ve been friends for 30 years.

The daughter is on the stand and she is okay at first but Peter gets more intense she takes the fifth. Afterward, Peter and Mark talk about how to get him and Mark suggests Peter head to a fancy arts gala to see what will happen. Peter goes and is suitably obnoxious to Linden, calling him out for being a bad person before getting escorted away by security.

Linden wants to get on the stand. His attorney talks him up but Peter does not. He rips into him using the Ford Pinto logic of profit outweighing injury. He gets under Linden’s skin. Defense wants to make a deal and the Linden family starts going after each other while they negotiate. No deal. They’ll see what happens in court.

The jury finds him guilty. Afterward Peter and Anna talk to Mark. It’s no surprise Linden is already looking to reduce his sentence.

This show needs more Anna. I’m going to keep saying that every time. More Anna as in a backstory for her. And did Peter and Antonio know each other before for real? Was that ever mentioned before? I”m glad they got Linden but I wish they had taken his son down too.


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