Lucifer, episode sixteen

Lucifer is at Dr. Linda’s office. They talk about the flaming sword plan and Maze. He mentions that she and Chloe are inseparable.

At the apartment, Chloe tries to escape but Maze catches her. She tries to make toast and then Chloe mentions expanding their circle of friends. Maze “gets it” which doesn’t look well for Chloe.

She mentions it to Lucifer at the crime scene. He tells her that she’s stuck with Maze for the time being. There was a murder at the psych hospital. The man that found the body is God, as in he thinks he’s God (Timothy Omundson).

Naturally, Lucifer wants to talk to him. He thinks its just a delusion or drugs though, until God calls him Samael. Then he considers it legit. He goes home and tells Amenadial. He doesn’t believe it though.

Ella is going over the lab information with Lucifer and Chloe. She thinks God is the killer and has some prints to prove it.

Lucifer tries to check himself into the psych hospital.

Dan runs into Charlotte at the station and they exchange a few words about him not having any use for her.

Even though they are near capacity, Lucifer managed to get into the hospital. He plays some poker to ask about God and then heads off to find him. He finds him with his hands on a woman and Lucifer thinks it is murder. It’s not though. It’s a miracle. God saves the woman.

Chloe goes to visit Lucifer and yells at him for checking himself in. He tells her it is to help the case and maybe for personal reasons. He tells her about the woman. She talks to a doctor, who gives Chloe her number. Maze calls her.

Lucifer confronts God about all the stuff that’s happened to him. He demands an apology and does that eye glowy thing. They get interrupted by Linda.

On the phone with Maze, it’s obvious that Chloe didn’t get through to her earlier. Also the doctor wants to go out with Chloe, who quickly tells Maze not to get involved.

Since there is still a case happening, Chloe goes to talk to Ella. Santa could be the killer, or rather an older dude with white hair. Chloe wants to interview him but it’ll talk some doing. She recruits Maze to help.

Linda is being wheeled out by Lucifer. They talk about his parents fighting.

Time for an escape so Lucifer encourages the other patients to go full tilt as a distraction. They manage to get away with help from Linda.

Chloe is getting ready for dinner with the doctor and talking to Maze about it. She set it up for at the house. Amenadial turns up and they have the most awkward double date ever. Just as he starts to get suspicious about Chloe’s questions, his phone rings. It’s word of Lucifer’s escape.

Lucifer has orchestrated an encounter between his folks. He leaves them to it and hides with Linda. Charlotte and God dance and talk and kiss, until Chloe and some other cops turn up. They take God and Lucifer back to the hospital and Chloe yells at Lucifer for what he did.

She apologizes to the doctor for using him and he tells her about the guy that she was suspecting. The conversation turns to the Santa costume. The mask with the hat is missing.

In his room, Lucifer is wonk on drugs and the nurse in the Santa mask takes him and God to kill them. The drugs are working because Chloe is still in the building. Lucifer and God talk. God apologizes and then the nurse gets ready to kill them. Chloe barges in.

During the kidnapping, the nurse breaks God’s belt. Afterward, he doesn’t remember being God. Lucifer takes the buckle home and puts it on the sword.

Charlotte goes to see Dan. She talks to him about seeing someone that might have been her ex. She’s upset and disappointed in herself.

Lucifer sees God off. They talk about what he remembers and Lucifer’s relationship with his father. He resents him and is furious now.

I wanted to like this but honestly it was pretty boring. Ella’s fascination with the song and Linda being Linda were the best parts of this. Chloe wasn’t that important and you know that there won’t be any resolution between Lucifer and his father so this all felt like a throw away.

Lucifer is new Mondays at 9 p.m.


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