Quantico, episode twenty-one

Roarke takes office and doesn’t hesitate to start signing executive orders. He’s got the Muslim registry in the works. Raina is trying to get information from Felix. He’s not interested. Ryan is antsy. Shelby is trying to reach out to Clay. Roarke is calling a Constitutional convention.

Owen is at the bunker watching the Roarke interview when he gets an alert. The cache has been deleted. Ryan and Raina have no interest in helping but Shelby is game.

Alex was on hand at the Roarke interview and he thanks her for her help afterward. He’s up to something and tells her not to leave town for the next few days. After losing her tail she heads to the farm to help Shelby and Owen. They need to build a new team.

Miranda, Keyes and Will are brought in. They get cracking. The first attack will probably happen that day. They have to get ready.

Ryan and Raina are watching the team work and arguing about why they each aren’t helping.

Back at the table, everyone is looking over the executive orders and all roads lead back to Christian Kelly and his plane tech. After the crash, the tech got a government deal as well as several commercial airlines as well. Maybe the don’t leave town line from Roarke to Alex was a heads up about an attack.

One of the other collaborators is a tech wizard and he makes apps on hundreds of millions of phones. Maybe the code from the app can be used to mess with the planes. Unwitting passengers would end up being terrorists, whichever passenger Roarke chooses. Shelby calls Clay and gets advice. She tries to convince him to come back. No luck.

They know the what but not the who so they have to mobilize to do it. Only problem is, Raina, Ryan and Shelby can’t leave the bunker. They need a diversion and Raina turns herself in to create one.

Alex heads to her collaborator job. Shelby goes to see Clay. Ryan and Keyes stay at the bunker cooridinating the op. Alex is able to get read in, with limits. Ryan and Keyes fight about his life and how Ryan makes Alex better.

Miranda Owen and will get to the faa and use whatever they can to get inside

Alex is getting vague info but it’s not enough. Alice tries to shut her down so she knocks her out and sends Ryan a picture of the list. Alice is pissed she lost a bet. She trusted Alex. They fight

The faa tries to ground the flights but it’s too late. Someone is involved. The first flight reaches altitude and autopilot kicks on without them. The collaborators are in control.

The team at the faa finds out who is interfering via what phones. Shelby gets clay to get the code. They get the planes landed. High fives all around. Alice tells Alex it isn’t over though.

Everyone is back at the bunker. They take a moment to appreciate that and then have to get back to work.

Shelby tries to get clay to come back. They talk and it turns to his engagement. Max left. He wants to kiss Shelby. She stops him and then there is someone at the door.

Owen and Miranda are sharing a drink and talking about choices they’ve made and the faith others put in them. She gets a call.

Ryan and Alex talk about winning today but what that mean for tomorrow. He tells her everyone is behind her and that she’s a great leader. He’s a soldier and his shortsightedness messed up their relationship.

Miranda and Owen come running in. They’ve been made and the FBI is there. Only the agents aren’t there to arrest them. They are there as escorts to see the president.

Roarke is addressing the media and commending the team. He puts them in front of cameras to thank them and use them as an example, a reason to dismantle the intelligence agencies and rebuild them as one. He also had Alice killed.

Clay and Shelby talk about taking Roarke down and trying to figure out what to do. He asks her out but before she can answer they get called into the main room. The convention is a go. And they’ve all been called out on tv so they have to go with it. They have to play the long game and go after him at the convention.

I like that they finally have a strategy. They always seem to be just winging it. It’s worked so far but it can’t always. It’s weird that Shelby has been involved with like the whole Haas family. That’s how this is going to end right? Her and Clay. That’s ridiculous but not as bad as Alex and Owen would be,


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