Supergirl, episode twenty-one

Lena is asleep in a big bed in a fancy dress. Rhea is lurking. She has been taking care of her since Supergirl “almost killed her.” Lena knows what’s up though. Rhea is a bad guy. She’s talking about creating a new world. One that Lena will help rule.

The Daxamites are attacking the city. Maggie is fighting for her life. She calls Alex. The invasion moves into the DEO and Alex evacuates the building. She jumps out the window guns blazing and Supergirl catches her. They head someplace safe.

Rhea explains her rebuilding plan to her waste of a son. He tells her that earth isn’t just going to roll over. Kara will save them. Rhea tells him that they will unite with the people of earth and that he is the key. She has arranged a marriage for him, with Lena Luthor.

Winn, Alex and Kara are hiding out at the alien bar. J’onn is still in a nightmare coma and James just turns up saying things are scary outside. Kara has tried to track down Clark but to no avail. Maybe he’s fighting on the streets. Except Maggie hasn’t seen him. She and Alex kiss and then the team tries to come up with a plan. They don’t have a leader. Then Lillian Luthor comes in.

She wants to team up to take down their common enemy. The team is all prideful and moral. They won’t do it though. Alex tells Lillian to leave, especially after playing the saved the loved ones card. On her way out, she makes a plea to Kara and leaves her card.

Maggie and James head back out into the streets. Rhea wants to set up a blockade when they get a message from either. It’s the president. She wants Rhea to stand down. She’s on her way to National City.

Winn gets a hack into the feed. Alex is pissed the president is coming but Kara loves it. The two leaders continue to exchange words until a third party steps in. Cat Grant. She’s wonderful as always. But Rhea is all take no prisoners and closes the feed. She fires on Air Force One and destroys it. Supergirl saves Cat and the president is an alien.

They head back to the bar. Cat is awesome and the rest of them find out the president is an alien. She teslls them about her alien world and then updates them on the plan. They have to break back into the DEO and use the vaporizing cannon to take down Rhea, even though Lena and Mon-El are on the ship.

Rhea tells Mon-El and Lena that they will get married and produce an heir for her. She knows they are opposed but if they don’t do it, she will blow up hospitals starting with the Luthor Children’s Hospital. She tells them that they will see this is the right choice eventually.

Alex sent the president home. She’s going through with the plan. Kara can’t believe it. What if it was Maggie on that ship? Alex knows that it’s tough. Kara steps outside to get some air and runs into Cat. She talks about how tough it is that her boyfriend and best friend are on the ship. She says its selfish but Cat calls it human.

Cat admits that she was not happy and that’s why she left in the first place. She spent a year in the mountains and found that happiness is the human connection. Happiness is not what you do, it’s who you love. That clicks for Kara. She takes off and goes to see Lillian.

Kara brings Cadmus back to the bar. Lillian has a plan. They are going to get a projector to get on the ship and then free Lena and Mon-El before Alex fires the cannon. They need a distraction. Enter Cat and she wants Winn to help her. They get moving. Alex knows she would do whatever she could to get Maggie back. She tells Kara to do what she can and be fast.

While getting the projector, Kara asks Lillian why she never told Lena her real identity. The answer is simple. Lena will find out and realize Kara was lying and hate her on her own. The projector is a go.

It’s time for the wedding on this ship. Rhea starts the proceedings. Cat and Winn head back to CatCo. She’s mortified with what James has done at her office. She asks where Kara and James are. Winn says in hiding.

Alex, with trusted “agent” Maggie Sawyer on her six, move about the DEO. It’s full circle working with the president. Rhea is still doing the wedding thing when Cat goes live. She gives the city a pep talk about fighting back. They aren’t going to be conquered.

Rhea sends Mon-El and Lena to their cell. Supergirl, Lillian and Cyborg are on the ship. They start tracking Lena. She and plywood are fighting back. Lena uses tech stuff to break them out. They meet up with the other three and head out. Lillian leaves Supergirl and her boy toy to die. She shuts down the projector and calls Alex, saying they are safe and to fire at will.

Lena starts fighting with her mother about leaving the others to die. Lillian is all, you should see it my way. Winn rigged a backup plan. They can get back but Kara wants to give Rhea a chance to surrender. She tells plywood to go and he’s all, umm okay if you insist, LEAVING HER ON THE SHIP TO DIE.

Winn and Cat are wrapping up at CatCo when aliens attack. Guardian saves them and Cat knows it is James. She can see his eyes.

Plywood radios Alex telling her Kara stayed on the ship. The president wants to fire anyway. Alex hesitates. Maggie looks on.

Kara makes a plea to Rhea to surrender because families. Rhea won’t do it though. She killed her own husband and now the it’s the end for Kara too.

Alex still hasn’t fired when something hits the cannon. It’s destroyed.

Rhea keeps yelling at Kara when someone else turns up. Superman.

Maggie could have been more of a help. And plywood said Kara in front of Lena at the fortress right? So now she’s going to know. I don’t believe for a second Alex would fire the cannon. I loved Cat. Her speech was amazing and the writers managed to not ruin her. She’s just wonderful. I’m glad they brought her back. Can we get Lucy Lane back next? Thanks.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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