Designated Survivor, episode twenty

Hannah has escaped but not really cause she’s on a ship. Everyone is looking for her so she’s hiding. She sees a smaller boat transporting weapons

Seth is airsick and Moss is teasing him. Then he goes to see Kirkman. They talk about the summit and arms priorities.

Forstell and mike talk about Hannah and Browning Reed.

Emily is out to drink with some aids. She sees Aaron and goes over to say hello. They talk about Kirkman and Hookstraten. He’s not following her to the cabinet.

Moss explains the game plan for NATO and who the big players are.

On the ship, Hannah is creeping around. She attacks a guy and sends out a mayday signal before more people come after her. Some lackeys rush in and fight her. She’s banged up by the time Lazano corners her with a gun.

Kirkman tells some important foreign leaders about the plan to cut back nukes. It goes well.

Mike brings in Chuck to find out who has been deleting files. Chuck knows some tech things that might help them.

Seth interrupts a conversation between Moss and Kirkman. The Abe Leonard story ran and now people are freaking out. Seth and Emily don’t know how to handle it and Kirkman won’t issue a flat out denial…. because it’s true.

With no other choice, Kirkman reads Moss in on the investigation. Moss is pissedthat he didn’t know and now the allies.

Lloyd watches Leonard on morning shows. He’s mad at some of the story details. He calls the congressman. Leonard has served his purpose.

At the briefing, Seth gets bombarded with questions about the story. He sticks to the party line and then tries to talk NATO.

Forstell gets a call from the coast guard about Hannah’s mayday call. They don’t have answers. He’s headed their way and he wants more info.

Hannah is back in the container on the ship. Lazano comes in and says that since she killed his brother MacLeish, he killed her family. He hands her a wedding band and she cries. He drugs her and she passes out.

Kirkman has to answer to NATO about the article and it doesn’t go well. France tabled the disarmament talk until he’s willing to discuss the issue.

Chuck plants the tracker. Leonard heads into the office and it turns out the FBI wants him to stop by for an interview. He doesn’t want to but his boss gives him no choice.

Emily and Seth talk. She asks about Air Force one and then admits that Moss sent her a photo.

Forstell gets to the coast guard station. No sign of the ship Hannah is on. He tells her to get cracking.

Back in his room Kirkman is going over the agenda. Seth comes in for an update for the pool. They talk about how hard of a day it’s been. Seth gets a call. No go on disarmament. Alex calls Kirkman to talk about what’s going on. She knows it’s true.

Coast guard pulled through. The ship may be docking in Baltimore within the hour. Forstell heads out.

Before the afternoon session Kirkman meets with France. She calls him a dreamer and he agrees. They will talk more at the next summit.

The mole goes after the files. Chuck calls mike to go after him but the guy is smart. He throws them off by cloning his digital fingerprint.

Back on the way to Washington Seth falls asleep on the plane and Kirkman and Moss talk about the trip. It’s just the beginning though because it’s a new kind of trouble back home.

Forstell is moving in on the ship. They take people into custody and search all the containers. No Hannah. Speaking of, she wakes up and realizes she’s surrounded by bombs she finds a door and gets out. She was in a van in the basement of the Hoover building. A countdown on the bombs in the car starts. Agents swarm.

I’m glad that Hannah is back on solid ground. I’m ecstatic that Chuck is back. I don’t really care about the rest of the stuff. It was just setting the stage for next time.

Designated Survivor airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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