iZombie, episode seven

Major gave his needle to Natalie but Liv isn’t mad at him. She’s mad at Blaine and she wants to confront him. Peyton points out that he still has a singing gig. She heads there and punches him. It takes her an effort to get her anger under control but she does. They ask Blaine about his crony Donnie but he doesn’t know where to find him.

There’s a bit of an argument at a local school. One of the teachers may have been involved with a mom or two in addition to his girlfriend. The principal breaks up the yelling.

Clive is at the crime scene. It’s the teacher. Someone shot him in the head with a nail gun. The magnets on the fridge spell out STD 36 and Clive thinks that means something. Only one way to find out.

Liv makes a PB&J with brains and they head to the school to ask some questions. The principal tells them the victim was a womanizer and had affairs with the mothers in his class. They bring in his girlfriend Piper (Shenae Grimes) who starts yelling about the other mothers. She was home alone with her kid at the time of the murder. She’s a single mom and thought her boyfriend, the victim, could change that.

Blaine is morosely packaging brains to deliver. Peyton is talking to a lawyer about the dominatrix case. Major is hanging out with his zombie military buddy. He admits that he is human but wants to keep it a secret.

Clive and Liv keep talking to the women the victim was sleeping with. One has an alibi. Her husband. They have an open relationship. The other does as well but her husband openly weeps.

Peyton’s case takes a turn. The defendant fires his lawyer and gets a new one, accepting the more substantial jail time plea.

Major and his buddies try and get into Donnie’s speakeasy. They have to eat a ghost pepper to get in. The rest of them do. When it’s Major’s turn, Donnie intervenes and gets him in. He collects intel and reports back to Liv and Ravi in the morning. Liv decides to go to the club herself and will bring Major’s buddy, who wants to court Liv.
The defendant in Peyton’s case killed himself.

Liv and Clive question Piper again. Afterward when they discuss it, it triggers a vision and the letters from the fridge were on the license plate of a car tailing the victim. A PI.

At the speakeasy, Liv and Ravi’s friend get along great. They spend a lot of time talking and then Liv confronts Donnie. He doesn’t seem to know anything.

Blaine gets back to his funeral home and is confronted by Donnie. He wants to let Blaine know that they have stolen all his clients and are now going to buy his product way below market value. The muscle of the operation has a message from Blaine’s father. He shoots him. He does to do it again and Blaine offers money.

Clive and Liv go to see the PI. They find out the open relationship isn’t quite so open. That husband is the killer and his wife rats him out when they push.

Peyton turns up to see Ravi about her defendant’s death. The autopsy was standard but she still thinks there is something fishy. She wants Liv to eat the brain. Ravi decides to soak it in the blue juice first.

Major and his buddy talk about the date with Liv before they get interrupted by a phone call. It’s their commanding officer. They have a mission. Some zombie killers were trying to infiltrate the school. They get them though.

I don’t want Liv to date this other guy but I am way more invested in the Ravi/Peyton relationship. Will people actually believe the video or think it’s just edited. I wouldn’t trust that if it was me. Blaine is a bad guy, blah blah blah.

iZombie is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


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