Chicago Fire, episode twenty-two

It’s a rough night for Alderman Casey. He tries to speak his piece but can’t get a word in. His constituents aren’t interested. He goes home to find Ramon camped out on the couch. He’s being a waste.

Next shift Mouch tries to talk to Cruz but gets nowhere. The alarm goes. It’s ambo and truck for a car accident. The car is on fire on its side. Herrmann climbs in and pulls the kid out. His arm is busted though and he loses his signed Cubbies cards in the fire.

At the house Mouch apologizes to Cruz. It’s no use. Cruz is not looking to forgive any time soon.

Gabby goes looking for Matt to talk about the Ramon situation. She doesn’t want to put a date on it but he wants him out. Matt goes out and smokes a cigar with severide to vent about Ramon and talk about Cruz.

Another call for ambo. A landlord wanted the police because she has a tenant whipping someone. Dawson is a badass and kicks down the door to get in. The man is whipping himself. He fights them when they try to help until they subdue him.

Tamara turns up to talk to Matt. The other alderman wants the funding for a Gold Coast beach renovation. He just needs to muddy the waters to throw off Matt’s plans.

Boden tells Severide that squad is under review and might lose a man. It’s up to Severide who. He goes out and sees Cruz standing alone and tries to engage. No use. He walks away and Cruz calls his brother.

Mouch gets a job offer from his alarm selling friend. He needs time to think about it. End of the week, his friend will be back.

Herrmann goes to visit the kid from the accident. They talk Cubs until the kid starts having a reaction to his medication. He’s not breathing but they get him stabilized. Later,¬†Herrmann is being himself and trying to help the kid with his Cubs obsession.

Everyone is at Molly’s. Ramon is drunk and being demanding of Gabby. Cruz is drunk and being nasty with Mouch. Severide tells him to take a hike. Matt meets with the other alderman about their respective bills. They establish a quid pro quo. Then Ramon runs his mouth and Matt gets pissed. He tells Gabby he’ll find someplace else to sleep.

Mouch is still at the bar hours later reminiscing with Herrmann about how he used to be. He tells him he feels old. Platt comes in and he tells her that he thinks it’s time to hang up his hat.

He’s still in a bad way when he turns up for next shift. Gabby confronts Matt about not coming home and how marriage works. She blames the alderman job and he points a finger at Ramon. Herrmann interrupts. He wants to take a ride. Casey says okay, then thinks about it and tells Herrmann to go without him.

Dawson is crying in the bathroom. Brett come in. She tells her everything and Brett tells her to talk to Casey.

Herrmann is at med when the kid gets discharged. He wants to take him for a ride. Casey heads to the town hall and calls out the other alderman. Then announces that he will be stepping down. He nominates Tamara to take his spot. She gets a round of applause.

The ride takes the kid to Wrigley. Not only that but he gets to meet Kris Bryant and Jake Arrieta. The kid asks Herrmann to sign his cast but then the radio sounds. They have to get to a factory fire.

They get there and Mouch tells Herrmann it’s his last shift. He’s retiring. Everyone heads into the fire. There are still employees inside. Things take a turn and boden calls for everyone to evacuate. Casey finds a victim that he’s going to try and save. Mouch had a heart attack.

Outside everyone is panicked. Cruz wants to go back in. Casey is trapped. Squad is at a dead end too. Herrmann tries to drag mouch out but they are surrounded. Boden agrees to go back in with Cruz but the entrance blows out. He calls for them to get out by any means necessary. Gabby and Cruz are in tears.

Casey talks to Boden. He says that it’s bad. He takes off his mask to talk to Gabby. He wants her to remember them happy. She’s his miracle. He loves her.

If anyone dies, it’s gonna be Mouch. That’s a shame because I like him but they set it up so much. Also, the whole explosion thing and the last shot of Dawson standing there was very reminiscent of when they killed Shay off. I’m still not over that.


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