Quantico, episode twenty-two

The team is interviewing candidates for the new intelligence agency. It’s not going well. Media reports are questioning who is actually running the show. Iris comes in to interview. She spends the whole time questioning Alex and criticizing the new organization. Behind closed doors Owen and Miranda are trying to save Nimah.

Afterward they head to the pub and Clay turns up. They are chummy and Ryan and Alex are flirty, until the tail from Roarke heads out to follow Miranda. Then it’s down to business.

This is their last stand. They have to use everything they can to get the delegates to vote the way they want. Ryan and Alex are on good terms. Meanwhile Shelby and Clay are waiting until everything is done to see if this is just an end of the world romance.

Clay tracks down Felix to apologize. They talk and Felix tells him to take down Roarke. The team meets in the pub again but it’s too late. The collaborators have figured out what they’ve been up to. Clay has another way though. Use what Peter has collected about his friends against them.

Will is in a gay bar. He makes small talk with Peter until his “girlfriend” comes over. Iris. They proposition peter and he accepts. Meanwhile Alex, Clay and Felix are setting up Roarke by turning intel over to Russia.

Iris and Will get into Peter’s room and into his computer to set up the transfer in the nick of time for Alex’s negotiations.

It’s time for the convention. Their plan is a go but it’ll be tough. Miranda and Owen exchange last words while clay gets called in to see Roarke. They exchange barbs. Roarke wants to know what clay plans to do next because he’s too noticeable to make disappear. On his way out he leaves something techy on the doorframe.

Shelby is milling about when she sees Maxine. She’s assembling while she still has that right. They talk about Clay. Turns out he gave her the boot, not the other way around. Miranda calls for places. Ryan tells Alex he loves her and wishes that she didn’t have to go through with this.

Roarke comes in to do a final tally. Just one quick thing. He wants to change the wording in one part. As he puts it up for debate Alex comes on the big screen. She has audio and video of where the wording change came from. Russian agents. She talks about how this government is actually manipulating everyone and then she releases tons of classified information.

She enters the main room to finish her speech and gets shot. Ryan freaks out and runs to her. She’s whisked away in an ambulance and he goes with her, crying. The whole thing is a setup though. The paramedics are Will and Iris. Alex is going to have to disappear and Ryan has her back.

The nation is in a frenzy and Roarke is confined to a room. Clay goes to talk to him about the situation and what comes next. He leaves. Roarke shoots himself.

Clay is sitting on the stairs and Shelby approaches. They won today. He wants that date but she brings up Maxine. They would be a mistake. She’s not going to date him.

Owen gives Alex passports and advice to help her disappear. This is it and Ryan is f there. He must’ve had to lose a tail.

The team sans Ryan and Alex meets in the bunker. Clay brings Maxine. Nimah and Raina are there. Owen is deputy director of the CIA now and Miranda is in hiding. Clay got married. Shelby and /Nimah talk about missing Alex.

Alex is on a plane all alone. Ryan joins her. He wants to run with her. He has no life without her.

I thought it was obvious that Clay ditched Maxine. I don’t understand how Alex will hide. She’s probably on all the lists everywhere. I stand by that it would have been weird for Shelby and Clay to get together. Likewise with Owen and Alex. Glad it didn’t happen.


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