Chicago Med, episode twenty-one

Robin is going for a psych visit and Rhodes walks with her. Reese goes to talk Charles. She is the resident handling the evaluation.

Jay walks in to find Will Halstead. He’s got Hawks tickets and he’s bringing his brother. A trauma comes in. Fall victim with trouble breathing. Rhodes wants to do a scan but the woman and her husband are adamant that he can’t, that they have to protect the baby. Turns out it’s a donor baby. Their older daughter has leukemia. Rhodes talks to Maggie about the patient.

Manning has a patient and has Halstead consult. They walk out joking and laughing. Nina sees and is upset. She brings Halstead a coffee and they have stilted conversation before he gets back to work.

Choi and Maggie talk about the new med students getting shown the ropes. Noah is among them.

Reese starts her discussion with Robin. There is a history of mental illness and she’s been hearing rats in the wall.

Rhodes talks to pregnant woman. She doesn’t have a collapsed lung but is in heart failure. She is in serious shape and the best course of action would be to terminate the pregnancy. They aren’t interested. They need three weeks is all so Rhodes orders medication.

Goodwin talks to Charles about Robin’s treatment and Reese.

Manning’s patient crashes. She and Halstead do what they can to save him but it’s too late. She calls it.

Noah tries to impress his instructor during rounds.

Charles talks to Reese about Robin from a “professional” standpoint but she doesn’t tell him anything.

The autopsy comes back. Manning made a mistake. She missed something and goes to talk to Halstead about it. He’s surprised that the results are back so quick and even more surprised that Nina brought them up herself.

Choi is working at a computer next to Noah, who starts pumping him for ideas for his case. Choi plays along at first but then yells at Noah for half-assing it.

The pregnant woman crashes. Rhodes rushes in to help and has to give her an external pacemaker. Her daughter with cancer passes out while he’s doing emergency treatment. Manning handles it and then talks to the girl about her family.

Halstead confronts Nina about bringing the autopsy results to Manning. He asks her point blank if she has it out for Natalie because she thinks there might’ve been something between them.

Reese discovers that Charles looked at Robin’s file. She tells Goodwin and then asks if she was only assigned this case as his pawn. Goodwin says that it’s not.

Rhodes and Manning got some results on the pregnant woman. Her condition is deteriorating rapidly and the only course that is safe for the baby will probably leave her brain dead. She says to do it. Manning doesn’t think that’s a good plan. The family needs a mother.

Charles spots Robin in the cafeteria and sits with her. He makes small talk and then asks a favor so she leaves the table. He snags her keys.

April talks to Choi about taking it easy on Noah. Choi tells her that Noah has potential but he has a way of talking people into doing his work for him. April turns around to see him chatting with Reese and realizes Choi was right. She yells at Noah.

The pregnant woman crashes. She needs surgery or intubation now. Her kids plead with her. Her husband does too. She opts for the risky surgery that wouldn’t harm the baby.

Nina admits to Will that she’s jealous. She misses Will and doesn’t want to grow apart.
Noah finally goes to talk to the patient. He comes up with and idea to check his vitals. The patient has an app that does that since he is a runner.

Rhodes does the surgery. It’s dangerous and isn’t going well. The other doctors want him to deliver the baby.

Charles goes to Robin’s place and finds tons of mouse traps. Her tv is gone and there’s a hole in the wall. He heads back to the hospital and tries to talk to her. She’s not having it.
The pregnant woman wakes up. She’s doing better but the baby didn’t make it. It’ll be rough for the family but at least there will be a mom.

Noah is able to make the diagnosis and impress his instructor.

Reese confronts Charles. She was making progress but Charles went behind her back and destroyed the trust that had been established. She says that because he sticks his nose in everything it’s ruined.

Halstead apologizes to Manning for what Nina did and explains her jealousy. Manning says that if her boyfriend worked with someone the way they work together she would be jealous too. He says they are friends and she seems upset.

As she gets off the elevator, Rhodes asks Reese about Robin. She tells him.

Jay turns up to head to the Hawks game but Will bails. He is going to spend quality time with Nina. Jay needs an alternative. He asks Natalie and she is reluctant but does say yes.
Rhodes sees Robin in her psych room.

Goodwin finds Charles alone in the cafeteria. He’s upset. He just got her back,

Will needs to be punched. He knows he is into Natalie more. I mean really. Also, Nina is awful. That’s just mean. I’m glad Choi had words for Noah. He’s too big for his britches already. It’s a little much. I felt bad for the kid with cancer because her parents seem selfish.


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