Chicago PD, episode twenty-three

Lindsay is at her hearing. She gets striped and is facing possible assault charges. She gets angry but the chief doesn’t care. She leaves and Bunny calls. She says that “he’s dead.”
The unit rolls in. Dude is not dead and Voight knows him. They roll an ambo and start securing the scene. Ruzek points out that it’s a wonky situation for Halstead as they search for evidence. Halstead finds a gun behind the stove.

Voight and Halstead interrogate Bunny about Johnny Martelli. It gets them nowhere.
Erin shows up at the district and Platt tries to stop her. It’s no use. She confronts her mother and then Voight tells her to go home and get head on straight.

Martelli is dead and Jay asks Will for the key to the safety deposit box so that he can get their mother’s ring and propose to Erin. Will tells him to run. Erin isn’t looking to be saved. They get interrupted by an incoming ambo. There are a lot of oxy incidents in Bridgeport.

Upton and Olinsky get the autopsy info and then the unit talks about the case. They want to link the drugs to the murder so they better get to work. Platt comes in and talks to Upton. She warns her about the review board and basically tells her to have Erin’s back.
Voight talks to the chief. Who gives him an ultimatum, the unit or Lindsay. Voight heads to his club and talks to the guys. He gets some of what he needs and says that he will try to keep their names out of it. They tell him to do better than try.

Erin tracks down Bunny and demands to know what happened so they can get ahead of this. Bunny doesn’t want to deal with her and walks out.

Halstead and Olinsky rough up the guy Voight brought in for some answers. Turns out he doesn’t know about the murder but knows where Bunny fits in. She was the one storing the pills. They move on her bar but she’s gone. Voight asks Erin for her associates.

Voight teams up with the feds to track down Bunny’s people. She leaves and he calls Olinsky. They set something up to save the unit and Erin.

Upton has her meeting with the review board. Will stops by. They talk about the pills and then he gives Jay the ring. Upton gets back and talks to Platt. She says it’s like they already made up their minds.

Bunny is driving when the FBI swarms and busts her. She has the pills in the trunk. The fed then heads to Erin’s place to talk to her. She offers an undercover gig, in New York. Oh and it will help Bunny in the process.

The fed takes Erin to talk to Bunny and gets the whole story. Johnny and the guy Voight got were working with a third guy. Erin tells Jay who brings it to the unit.

They move in on the third guy, the likely shooter. He’s dead, long dead, and they start working this side of the case too. They set up a timeline. They are piecing it together when Voight tells them that the feds are taking it.

Erin agrees to the job on the condition that they let Bunny walk.

Voight cuts down the tape and heads into Bunny’s apartment for a look around. He’s got Bunny in the cage and talks to her about killing Johnny. There was blowback and blood on her glasses that she left in the bathroom. He tells her that Erin can never know.
Voight and Erin say their goodbyes and she asks about whether or not her mother is guilty.

The unit is at Molly’s waiting for Erin. She hasn’t answered her phone. Jay steps out to call again. She’s on a bridge looking at the skyline. Her phone rings. She sees that it is Jay but doesn’t answer. She’s crying as she walks away.

This was a very anticlimactic episode, especially for a finale. Erin isn’t leaving. We all know that. They are never going to actually bust Bunny. We know that too. Breaking up the unit would make the most sense. They did that on NCIS once. Sent everyone to different assignments. Didn’t last long though.


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