Shots Fired, episode six

Shameeka Campbell walks Shawn to the bus. As it leaves the neighborhood, his classmates cheer for protesters demanding justice for his brother. Janae takes the mic. She wants an uprising. She wants to turn anger into action. A kid with a confederate flag around his neck throws a bottle. She confronts him before telling him to leave.

Preston and Ashe are going after the case against Arlen. They have to make sure they have it set up right otherwise they won’t get him at all. He goes to talk to Eamons while she talks to Cox.

At a major event, Eamons speaks and then Preston tells her that there is a witness that says one of the volunteer deputies killed Joey. She wants time to look into it. Ashe plays bad cop with Cox but he’s slick so he gives nothing away.

Platt tells Breeland about Derkin’s suicide. He seems to take it rough. They head into the main room and there is cake for Breeland’s anniversary on the force. Alicia Carr walks in. She wants to just look in Beck’s eyes. She wants to know if her son suffered. Beck tells her no. She tells Back that she hopes he suffers every day of his life.

Eamons confronts Platt about the volunteer program and the investigation. He tells her that if she listened in the first place there would be no investigation. She stands by her assessment. He couldn’t handle it.

Kids talk to Shawn Campbell about his brother. He’s like a celebrity.

Beck is in the break room. Platt comes in and talks to him. He’s on administrative leave with pay until things are resolved.

Preston and Sarah Ellis argue about the issue with the volunteers. She calls him unethical and he is offended. Then he and Ashe head to the station to watch Breeland “interrogate” some guy that says he dealt for Joey to Jesse. Platt stands by that connection. It screams of a set-up.

Afterward, Ashe heads out. She’s going back home to get things in order with her custody of Kia. She tells Preston she wouldn’t leave for anything else.

Kerry seems to be at her wits end while Beck sits around drinking. The doorbell chimes. It’s Preston. She doesn’t want to let him in but Beck says it’s okay. He wants to talk off the record about the tours and about Joey’s death. Nothing is resolved.

Ashe gets to Javier’s place to see Kia. Change of plans. It’s an observed visit. Ashe is not interested in a babysitter but Kia runs in before anything more can be said. Javier leaves and they have a visit.

Eamons is going to have a news conference because tensions are high. She is going to appoint a curfew. The others assembled want a state of emergency. Cox says that the citizens have declared war on her.

Janae is preaching again. Outside police in riot gear are marching. People are assembling and running as cops patrol. Eamons watches the news. She cancels the press conference. Police roll into the neighborhood in an armed truck with batons out.

It’s time for the hearing with Ashe and Javier. They argue and then Ashe tells the judge about her own childhood. She was raised by her father and spent a year in foster care when he got sick. The judge is moved by the emotions but her psych eval isn’t great. A decision will be made by the end of the week.

Someone comes in and gets Shameeka from the service. She runs to the protest looking for Shawn. Things are terrible. There is looting and people are being sprayed with fire hoses. Breeland puts an end to that. Shameeka can’t find Shawn. He’s lost in the shuffle and then decides to join in. He breaks a sheriff’s car windshield and police grab him. Shameeka sees and runs after them. She gets shoved to the ground and screams.

Ashe talks to her boss about the two cases. He is not pleased with the lack of results and the fact that there is a witness that contradicts their theory. She is staying with Javier and he talks to her about court. She’s offended but they eventually have sex. After she asks him again to drop the case. He says no and then she plays a recording she made of them sleeping together. If he doesn’t drop the case, she’ll ruin his relationship.

Preston confronts Arlen but it gets no where. Arlen tells him to go after the people burning the city and he says that he is. Preston leaves and runs into Shameeka. He finds out about Shawn and goes to talk to Breeland but it doesn’t help him.

Beck goes to see the memorial for Joey. Ashe listens to her voicemail. Preston stares into the void.

Things are getting real and I’m kind of glad that Ashe is away for it. She would only end up getting herself in trouble. I feel really bad for Shameeka. Shawn is a good kid. She can’t win.


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