The Americans, episode eleven

Henry is doing homework when Philip comes in to talk to him. He doesn’t know where Elizabeth is but the conversation quickly shifts to school. If he gets in it’s okay with Philip.

He goes to visit Tuan and has flashbacks of being a kid and having fun with his family.

Elizabeth and Philip meet with granny to talk about missions. She gives them another one. They might have tracked down a Nazi in Massachusetts. They want the Jennings’ to do some research. Also, yeah they did weaponize the virus

Oleg is at work and people are talking about threatening other people.

They head to Boston for recon and talk about Henry and what good this school could be for him. They maybe ID the woman.

Stan takes Henry to work with him. They go over some of the finer points of FBI life, like the mail robot.

Elizabeth follows the target in foot. In Russia Oleg tries to live his life.

Henry gets home and tells his parents all about his cool day at the FBI. Later they talk about the target in the basement. They joke about Stan recruiting Henry. Then the conversation shifts to Paige and whether she set them up to read the journal in front of her or not.

Oleg and his partner are sneaking around looking in people’s desks for evidence about the food issues. They find a ledger.

Time to bring he information to Granny about the woman in Boston. She explains how they tracked this lady down. It all seems like there could be a big margin of error.

Stan listens to Henry’s paper and talks about the downside of his job. He doesn’t trust anyone, not even Henry who is the greatest kid on the planet.

In Russia the woman with the ledger is being interviewed. She’s not being helpful. Oleg tells her that they are trying to take it easy on her so she better help them out. She blames the KGB.

The order comes through. They have to kill the woman in Boston. Elizabeth is game. Philip is not.

Stan and his partner meet with their mark and talk about her coworkers and then her kid and her hockey player boyfriend.

They move in on the target in Boston. She doesn’t know anything. At least that’s what she says. Elizabeth is persistent and yells at her and smacks her. She calls her a monster. Philip seems conflicted.

Philip still isn’t on board but Elizabeth is pushing it. They continue to yell at the lady until she says what they want to hear. Her husband is almost home and she tells them to kill her but leave him. He gets home and they make her tell him the truth about her past.

She talks about how they killed her mother but spared her to use her to kill people. Her husband says that he knows her. She’s a good person. Elizabeth shoots the husband and then they kill the wife.

They leave Boston and are driving back to Virginia. Elizabeth wants to get out. She wants to go home.

So Elizabeth wants out. What’s that about? And is it legit? And Henry is going to go off to school. He’s being written off the show then? I wanted Stan to adopt him. He could be an awesome agent but then he’d figure out about his parents and that would be awful. I feel like Elizabeth at the end realized that they are expendable.

The Americans is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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