Chicago Med, episode twenty-three

An ambo rolls into Med. It’s Robin. She’s still freaking out and they couldn’t do anything to subdue her in the field. They restrain and subdue her before Charles pulls Rhodes out and tells him that now he sees the problems and that this is on him. Reese explains the treatment and then Rhodes’ phone rings. Latham needs him. Goodwin checks in with Charles in Robin’s room.

Noah tells Halstead and Nina about his graduation party at the bar. He heads out and Nina does too. Manning turns up and she and Halstead get a patient. Man was hit by a car and dragged half a block. He’s a Syrian refugee and his parents are on their way for his college graduation.

Rhodes gets upstairs and finds out from Latham that he now has surgical competition. A South African woman named Ava Bekker (Norma Kuhling). Latham walks away and she comments on his condition. Rhodes snaps back and then walks away.

Maggie finds out one of Charles’ patients is in the waiting room. She tries to handle it but the guy isn’t interested in leaving.

April approaches Choi and he tries to talk to her about what happened but she says that they can just forget it. They get a patient. A man having a heart attack. They ask about who to contact but he says no one.

Halstead is staring at Manning. Maggie notices. He asks her about what Manning’s haircut could mean. She doesn’t know.

Noah tries to talk to Reese but she is focused. He pushes for her to come to his party.
Goodwin finds Charles in Robin’s room. She gets him to go to breakfast with her. Reese interrupts. She thinks there could be a physical diagnosis for Robin. Goodwin tells her to go ahead and then tells Charles to

Choi, Rhodes and Bekker are discussing the heart attack patient. She is adamant about one treatment but Rhodes is opposed. Choi concurs and she gets nasty with him. Rhodes shuts her down.

Halstead asks Manning about her haircut. She tells him that it was time for a change.
Manning has a patient that Choi consults on. A high school senior pulling a prank, swinging from the rafters in a monkey suit. She busted her arm and may be concussed. They’ll need to run some tests.

Noah asks Choi about his party. Choi looks longingly at April and then says that he can’t make it.

Bekker and Rhodes are doing a test on the heart attack patient. His heart is dying. They need to operate, which is what she suggested in the first place.

Robin gets moved upstairs and she’s coming too and starts yelling. They take her in the back. Charles finds out from Reese that her tests came back negative. He suggests another one.

In surgery, they run into some complications and Rhodes exerts his authority. His judgement works.

Halstead and Manning still can’t figure out a way to help the refugees oxygen levels. They have to take him to the ICU. Maggie tells them he has someone in the waiting room and Manning goes to talk to her. She has no new information though.

The results from the newest test are back. Reese was right. Robin has a tumor. Charles tells her to page Latham.

Choi updates the girl in the monkey suit. Tests came back negative. She can be discharged. She’s still upset though. Choi and April have a moment and Noah calls her on it.

Rhodes comes looking for Robin but she’s been moved. He finds her being moved for surgery. Charles updates him and Goodwin. Latham goes over the surgery. Bekker will assist him.

April talks to monkey suit. She doesn’t know why she acted that way and April tells her sometimes people do things to let off steam. This will just be a happy memory someday. She leaves the room and talks to Choi about Noah’s party.

Charles and Rhodes talk during the wait. Rhodes apologizes for the way he acted. After his mother’s suicide he wondered if there was anything he could do to save her.

Reese checks in as Latham comes to update them. The tumor is out. Now they wait. Reese walks away and runs into Joey. He tells her that he is dating someone new.

Manning sees the refugee’s girlfriend crying. She talks to her. Turns out the girl is pregnant. They were going to get married after graduation. No one else knows.

The heart attack patient comes too. He talks to Choi. Thanks him for caring. Choi leaves the room and talks to Rhodes. His heart is in a bad way, possibly because he is lonely.

Halstead and Manning go over the refugees charts. He should be getting better. They don’t know what it is. Maybe he has an underlying condition, like asthma. They start treatment. The parents get there and confirm he has asthma. He’s starting to improve.

Some days they really love their jobs. Jay comes in and says the refugee is awake. Manning goes to talk to him and the Halstead brothers talk. Manning invited Jay to Noah’s party and he wants to clear it with Will, who says yes but means no. Jay says he will pass.

Halstead goes and breaks up with Nina because he has feelings for Manning.

Noah is ready for his party.

Robin wakes up. She and Rhodes talk about the tumor and about her father. Rhodes thinks she should talk to Charles. He comes in and Rhodes leaves. The Charles’ just cry.
Rhodes and Bekker trade a few more barbs before she heads out.

The party is roaring and everyone is having fun when Halstead turns up. He asks Manning to dance. Noah does the same with Reese. April walks away. She stands off by herself until Choi joins her. He kisses her.

Goodwin and Charles exchange goodnights before Charles heads out. The man from the waiting room confronts him. He shoots Charles and then himself.

That guy has been around before right? He’s been a cranky patient before this for Charles. I feel like I should have seen that coming. This show is so obvious with these set-ups. I mean I like April and Choi together and Halstead and Manning was inevitable. I don’t like Noah. Reese could do better. And now Rhodes is going to be all will they/won’t they with this Bekker woman.


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