Chicago Med, episode twenty-two

Rhodes visits Robin. They talk about how she’s doing. He admits that he brought it up to her father but she tells him that he is not at fault. She blames her father. The place is what will make her crazy. On his way out he runs into Charles and tells him as much. This isn’t for her well-being. She’s not being treated. She’s locked up.

Manning and Halstead awkwardly exchange hellos. Rhodes is looking for Reese and April and Choi talk about Noah and Portuguese superstitions before he gets a patient. A man that got hit by a taxi.

Reese is in the cafeteria when Rhodes finds her. They talk about Robin. He wants her released but she says many times that it isn’t her call. He asks if she is a danger to herself. Reese says no but its not that simple. He says that it is.

Jeff is back. He got placement at Med. He gets a patient pretty quick. A guy Maggie knows was doing construction and stepped on a nail.

The next patient goes to Manning, a teenage girl. She’s disoriented and in pain. Her stepfather brings her in and Manning asks routine questions. He doesn’t know the answers. Manning orders standard tests and the girl’s mother has joined them in time to say that a pregnancy test is unnecessary.

Choi’s patient will take about a year to return to full strength but he needs surgery for a brain bleed. He declines. He has ALS and it is progressing rapidly. He has directives. They are ironclad and there is nothing the hospital can do. Choi and April are upset about this.
Manning congratulates Jeff on his placement. Halstead does as well and then the alarm sounds on the teenager. She has a seizure and needs to be intubated.

Jeff goes to talk to his patient. It’s diabetes that made his foot numb. They can get ahead of this thing.

Halstead brings the teenagers labs to Manning. She has HSE, herpes. Manning didn’t expect that. She’s only 13.

The accident victim is crashing. He has a circulation issue but they don’t know why. Choi assigns more tests.

Goodwin summons Charles and he comes into the conference room to find lawyers. They want to talk about the hold on Robin. Rhodes is there, glaring daggers.

Back with the teenager, Halstead and Manning tell her parents. It is consistent with genital, not oral herpes and may be a sign of sexual assault, given the abdominal pain. They want to do a more thorough exam. Stepdad says wait but the mother says that they can go ahead.

Robin is being discharged. Charles gets snarky with Goodwin and then goes after Rhodes who isn’t going to take it. They scream at each other before Rhodes storms off.

It was sexual assault. Manning and Halstead tell Goodwin. It’s now time to bring in PD. She will handle that while they go tell the parents.

Diabetes man tries to make a break for it but Maggie stops him. He admits that he’s scared. She has someone he can talk to.

The parents can’t be in the room while the examiner collects evidence. That’s just protocol. Stepdad goes for coffee and the mother talks to Manning. She thinks she is just being paranoid but the only person that has been alone with her daughter was her stepfather. Jay turns up to start the investigation. Manning tells him what the mother says.

Choi and April talk to the accident victim. With his current condition, he wouldn’t be able to donate his tissue or organs. Choi suggests surgery but he isn’t interested. There is another treatment but it would drop his life expectancy from weeks to hours. He opts for that and April is pissed. Choi says that this decision will save other lives and tells her to put in the order. She says no.

A nurse brings Robin her belongings. Charles is there to talk to her. He says he wants what’s best for her and she says she will be taken care of with Rhodes.

Noah shows up. He got a placement at Med. April is stoked. But that doesn’t make sense. There was only one spot and Jeff is there. Manning asks Jeff and he admits he is going to Hawaii.

Jay pulls Manning and Halstead aside to talk about the girl. He interviewed the parents and doesn’t think it was the stepdad. There was a little bit of a sedative in her tox screen. They didn’t give her anything before her tests though. She did just get braces. Dentists use it too.

Maggie goes over the particulars of the donation process with the accident victim. They need to adjust the directive to make sure the organs stay viable until they can be harvested. He signs on. He talks to April. Knows she thinks that he is making a mistake. He tells her his time is up but this will help others.

Goodwin visits the diabetes man. She knows him too. He views this as a death sentence because his family has a history. She admits that she is diabetic and that its all about handling things.

Rhodes comes by and picks up Robin. Reese and Charles watch her leave. Then he turns to her and says that he would understand if she wants a new attending.

Jeff says goodbye to the diabetic man. They talk about new beginnings.

Robin and Rhodes get to his apartment and they talk about dinner. He thinks it would be good to stay in. Just for the night.

Halstead and Manning tell the parents that they suspect the orthodontist. The girl has woken up and wants to go to the school dance. She has no idea what happened. Her mother wants her to maintain her innocence, at least for now, so they aren’t going to allow Jay to question her.

Manning is in the locker room wrapping up for the day. She notices Jeff’s locker is cleared out. Maggie walks in and Manning asks about it. Maggie didn’t know that Manning didn’t know Jeff was moving on. Halstead stops by and invites Manning to Molly’s. She says no but changes her mind. She’ll meet them there.

April is on the roof when Choi finds her. They talk about the donation procedure. It went well. She just wishes it felt like a win. He leans in to kiss her but she’s not interested.
The Halstead brothers and Nina are at Molly’s when Manning walks in. She went and got a new haircut. They all like it. Will is tongue tied.

Rhodes wakes up. Robin is not in bed. He hears glass shattering and goes to find her in the other room swinging a broom at nothing. As he approaches, she starts swinging at him. He jumps back, stepping on the glass and yelling. She runs out on the balcony and wedges the broom in the door. She screams.

I think Reese should’ve been more pissed at Charles for undermining her authority. I also think he is withholding a ton of vital information, given how the episode ended. I called that Choi/April thing a while back and I still think that would be good but apparently April does not. This Manning and Halstead will they/won’t they is too much. I have no patience for it.


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