Designated Survivor, episode twenty-one

Hannah doesn’t listen to the cops. She gets back in the van and drives away so that the bomb goes off in the water and not near people. Mike updates Kirkman and he says to bring her to the White House. The FBI is questioning her when Forstell shows up and takes her under orders of the president.

At the White House, Hannah and Forstell brief Kirkman, Mike and Moss. The people on the ship are revealing what they know so Forstell wants to use that but Moss thinks they should bring in the big guns. Kirkman agrees.

A team is read in to go after Lloyd. They want him alive. Kirkman watches the news and then talks to Forstell about what this new group is up to. Bowman is on tv ripping on Kirkman but the other guest, Aaron, is adamant in his defense. The strike team is still en route.

Lazano is on the move in the city. Lloyd and his congressman crony keep updated. He has “the package” and is “en route.”

They get to the house and move in. It’s too late though. There is no sign of anyone. There’s just a secret tunnel.

Hannah orders for all sorts of BOLO type stuff on Lloyd but it doesn’t matter. A bunch of false info floods in immediately.

Seth is avoiding the press since there is no comment. It doesn’t work well though. Abe Leonard is waiting in his office. There’s a new story. Kirkman wants to meet with Leonard.

Emily talks to Alex on the phone. She wants him to act more like a politician but it isn’t happening. She also misses their lunches.

Moss tells Kirkman that he has already had to weather several crises and that one way or another it’ll end soon.

The crony starts to do some techy things and Chuck catches it and calls Mike. The guy wraps up but Chuck knows what happened. Someone just used the digital footprint from the hack to access the Pentagon and create an ID.

Lozano rolls up to security. He uses the new ID to get onto Pentagon property.

Kirkman calls in Aaron. He reads him in on what’s going on and asks for tips on the mole. He wants Aaron to go over his records from the prior administration.

Mike and Chuck update Hannah on the ID situation. She heads there to try and find him. They have the Pentagon on lockdown. He’s already inside though, in a naval uniform. He’s in some computer room accessing a laptop.

Leonard is in the Oval when Kirkman comes in. They talk about what Leonard will do. Kirkman calls the story incomplete but won’t comment because it is a matter of national security. He wants Leonard to hold the story but won’t press it.

Aaron goes to see the general that Kirkman fired. He wants help and no one knows more about security access.

Hannah calls the Pentagon to get an update on Lozano. No luck yet though because something is scrambling the security cameras. Hannah tells the officer in charge that Lozano knows the building well from his time working there and that they need to find him.

Kirkman gets an update from Aaron. He tells him about the general and Kirkman agrees that he wasn’t responsible.

As she heads to the Pentagon, Hannah sees Lozano. She chases him and calls for backup. She hits him and thinks she has him but he runs. She gives chase on foot and even fires at him. He goes into a house under construction and gets the upper hand. They fight hand to hand and she pushes him through a wall. He falls on some metal rods and dies, but not before telling her it’s not over.

Seth is in his office when Leonard strolls in. He is going to honor his request but not indefinitely.

Chuck is cleaning up when Hannah comes in a bit worse for the wear. She asks about the case and then he heads out but not before telling her that there is an email in her box from Atwood. It’s photos and audio from just before he died.

The mole is walking through the White House when Mike stops him and asks for a word. He turns and Forstell and Hannah are there.

Hannah goes back to Atwood’s office and flashes back to the first time they met.

Kirkman plays the audio for Emily, Aaron and Seth. They’ve got the mole in custody and rounded up more than 2,000 people across the country. He wants to address a joint session to update them. Seth will let the networks know. Kirkman recruits Aaron. They will create a job for him. He also asks Moss to be the designated survivor.

It’s time for his speech. He reveals the truth about what happened at the Capitol. He then talks about how great it is to be an American and that no one needs to make it great again. Everyone in the whole country claps.

They get to the White House. The kids are back and Kirkman gets called to Command. Lozano made the entirety of the Pentagon security system vulnerable and left access available for Lloyd. He can do what he wants with all the security information.

I’m glad that Aaron is still involved. He will probably end up in the Cabinet or something. Where was Hookstraten? Emily is supposed to be a really important part of the administration but she was hardly there at all. She just wants to do lunch? That’s kind of lame. Seth is my favorite. And Abe Leonard.


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