Saturday Night Live, episode twenty-one

Generally, I like The Rock. He’s funny and charismatic and he’s in the Fast and Furious movies. What’s not to like? Besides, he might end up president someday.

Cold open: This was funny. And the cameo by Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka was a nice surprise.

Monologue: There were a lot of five-timers this season. This was really funny actually and who doesn’t love Tom Hanks right?

Fidget spinner: Why are these so popular? I just don’t get it. I laughed at this though.

Wrestlemania: Where do they even come up with this stuff?

Rap Track: The return of David S. Pumpkins is even more nightmarish than his debut.

Scorpio: This was spectacular. I don’t know why.

Jurassic Park: Poor Jean’s wife. Why was this funny?

Xentrex: I’m pretty sure this is how most of these tv drugs work.

First song: Beetlejuice? And a dance party.

Weekend Update: I’m gonna miss this during the summer. Maybe not the weather report. The politics are always great and I like the Che/Jost banter.

Old timey movie: Nah. At first it was a little funny but I got bored quick.

Mad scientist: I love White Castle.

Second song: Still didn’t really care about it. Super flashy though.

Wing man: I chuckled but wasn’t all that into it.

High school skit: For the last skit of the season, this was not good.

This was it for Bobby Moynihan. I feel like he’s been in like two skits this season. I was a big fan of his for many years so that’s a shame.


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