Shots Fired, episode eight

Ashe is sitting in her room alone in the dark. She moves from one room to the other, with her gun. Someone is in the room with her. She’s assaulted and takes a blow to the head. She goes down and the assailant runs. Moments later someone else comes in. Preston. He gets her ice and wants her to get checked out. She says no. She’s convinced the person that attacked her was on Platt’s orders, after Jesse’s phone. Nothing is missing from her room.

Shameeka is looking for Shawn. She goes to the bus stop but there is no sign of him. She asks a few people but no one has seen him. She says that she is going to check the church and one of the other mothers stops her. The other woman tells her Janae was arrested, for murdering her son Joey.

TV trucks are in front of the station broadcasting about the arrest when Preston and Ashe turn up to find out what’s what. They talk to Platt. The department found out about the gun from an anonymous tip and the ballistics match the murder weapon. They head in to talk Janae. She says that the gun was a plant. There was a break-in a few days ago and a computer and some speakers were taken. Maybe that’s when the gun was left.

Ashe asks if she reported it but she says she would be reporting it to the people that put it there.

Eamons and Sarah Ellis discuss the case. Eamons doesn’t want to comment on it yet. They have an event and need a win.

Preston and Ashe go to talk to Shameeka about Janae. She says that Janae helped her get Joey on the straight and narrow once before so when she found out he was dealing again, she went back to Janae. Shameeka says that if Janae did it, she’s at fault too. She also mentions that Shawn ran away.

As they head out, a group of men stop them to say that Janae is being set up. Ashe says she doesn’t trust any of them.

Kerry has been staying with her parents. Her mom wants to know why she’s abandoning her man.

Ashe and Preston head over and talk to Beck about protecting the department even though they aren’t protecting him. They bring up the video but his lawyer doesn’t buy it. Ashe talks about the discrepancies before walking out.

They go back to the workspace and try and figure out how it adds up. Preston argues for Janae but Ashe goes against. She needs to see the gun. They go back to the station to get the gun. She needs the serial number that was filed off. She reaches out to Javier. He reluctantly agrees to help.

Brooks pulls over someone. It’s a routine stop but he has an audience.

Shameeka is home alone watching an old video of her sons wishing her a happy birthday.

Eamons has an event to commemorate integration at a lunch counter. The two activists, one black and one white, are on stage with her. The black man passes out during her speech.

Beck goes to see his family at the in-laws. He apologizes for his behavior and Kerry admits that they missed him.

Javier calls Ashe. He got the number. Turns out the serial number matches a gun purchased a year earlier by Arlen Cox. The gun was stolen two months earlier. He filed a report.

Preston and Ashe talk about the case and the department. It’s not a clean game because the players are dirty. It’s about getting the right person, not race.

Platt and Cox meet, the latter is not pleased to hear it was his gun found in the church. Platt says that he was upset about that too.

Ashe and Preston talk to Shirlane in the hospital. She relays Kiana’s story. She saw Cox with the gun standing over Joey’s body. There were too deputies. One was Derkin but she didn’t recognize the other. Shirlane suggests photos but they tell her Kiana is in the wind.

Alicia visits Shameeka and they talk about their sons and watch videos of the kids.

While going over the case, Ashe gets an text. It’s not good news.

Brooks is on patrol. He sees Shawn going into a drug house so he follows him in. He pulls him out and takes him for a ride. Brooks talks about Joey and his mom. He doesn’t want to be a do over.

Later, Ashe walks around the neighborhood. She looks at the mural for Joey and then goes back to her room and records a video for Kia.

Eamons and the white activist talk about being there for people 24 hours a day. That’s what he’s tried to do.

Shawn finally goes home. Brooks drives him and waits for him to get inside.

Preston and Ashe go to the local cop bar. They hang around for a bit until she heads to the back alley to have a chat with Breeland. He’s the one that texted her. It was a police report for DUI and assaulting an officer. She tells him that she knows he was there when Cox killed Joey. It gets physical real quick and he’s winning. She flips it though and cuffs to a fence. She just starts walloping him until Preston intervenes.

Back at the hotel, she’s freaking out. She just lost Kia and wanted to kill Breeland. She says she doesn’t deserve Kia. She’s jumpy and he kisses her. They sleep together.

Alicia falls asleep on Shameeka’s couch. She covers her with a blanket and then goes to lie down next to Shawn.

Beck is in bed with his wife. She asks if it was self defense. He says yes.

Preston leaves Ashe asleep in bed and goes to the other room. He watches a video on Jesse’s phone.

I’m glad Shawn went home. I’m also glad that Alicia and Shameeka are friends now. I don’t believe that Janae did it but I don’t like her either way. Brooks seems like he’s trying to hard. I’m convinced now that he was at least there when Joey died. Even if Cox pulled the trigger.


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