Shots Fired, episode seven

Eamons and Breeland are riding together talking about work and the internet and the volunteer program. They see some police activity and stop. She pardons the man on the spot.

Preston checks in with his boss and finds out things aren’t working so well. He has a week left before a new team turns up to replace him. He meets with Brooks in secret and they talk about witness testimony.

Ashe is at the airport. She tries to call Kai but ends up talking to Javier’s girlfriend instead. He told her everything and she is sticking around. That makes her weak in Ashe’s book.

As he goes over the case file he got from Brooks, Preston watches the news. Tensions are still high.

At the airport, Ashe talks to a man at the bar as she drinks. It’s kind of a depressing conversation as he tries to hit on her.

People are out cleaning up the city as Preston walks around. He finds Dabney’s place destroyed. It makes no sense. He talks to a reporter. The whole situation makes him angry.

When Ashe gets back, the first person she encounters is of course Breeland. He’s himself. She meets up with Preston and talks about what happened and about being pulled off the case. He brings up what Brooks told him about the witness lying for Janae.

Platt is at the office and his wife walks in. They talk about their son and the state of their marriage. Shameeka Campbell is causing a ruckus trying to get Shawn back. Platt talks to her and tries to reason with her. She threatens to call Eamons so he lets Shawn out. Shameeka and Shawn promptly fight.

Preston goes to talk to Cory about lying for Janae. He denies it. Preston leaves and goes to visit his brother. He needs money, no questions asked.

Janae answers questions for Ashe and Preston about recanted testimony and Cox. She says that he seems more intimidating by her.

Next stop is a visit with Cox to talk Janae. He says that she tried to demand money from him. Topic turns to murder and Cox shuts the interview down. Preston brings up the eyewitness and Cox basically laughs at him. Afterward Ashe and Preston argue about playing their hand to early.

Phone rings. It’s Shirlane calling Preston. Before she can even explain why she’s calling she gets in a car accident. Preston and Ashe get to the hospital and go through her belongings. Her phone is missing. This wasn’t an accident.

Eamons is going over an upcoming event. She talks to her daughter who thinks this is insane. Her classmates are watching the riots as entertainment. They talk about legacy.

Beck is home with the kids. They are rough housing and he’s not having it. He yells and they don’t listen so he grabs one. Kerry comes in and fights with him. She takes the boys and leaves.

Ashe and Preston go to interview Kiana but she says it isn’t her problem and that she doesn’t know anything. He gets loud and starts tossing her stuff around. Ashe notices first. The place is bugged. She tries to give chase but the car listening speeds away.

They head back into town and they argue. She wants to just cut their losses and let the new team do it. He doesn’t take kindly to that.

Platt is doing paperwork when Breeland comes in. They talk about his ride with Eamons.

It’s another tense night on the streets. Police are in riot gear and they are confronting the black community, ready to fight. Ashe and Preston roll up. He gets out and gives a speech. It diffuses the situation but puts all the pressure on him and Ashe.

Two kids are watching Breeland stop the people with the fire hose online. Turns out it’s his daughter. He storms in because she has the door closed with a boy in the room. She and her friend call him a hero.

Preston and Ashe get their hands on a video of Jesse’s encounter with Beck. There are some pretty big differences between that and his story. They take it to Platt. He says it doesn’t prove anything and then the radio goes off. Platt is needed and he brings them with him.

Shawn packs a bag and leaves. Eamons watches the news with her daughter and Platt brings Preston and Ashe to see Janae getting arrested for the murder of Joey Campbell.

I just feel so bad for Shameeka all the time here. She can’t win. I don’t get why Shawn left. I’m beginning to think Breeland is a tool but not a bad person. He might not be the murderer. I’m thinking it was Brooks.


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