Lucifer, episode seventeen

Lucifer is at a beach bar spying on his mother. Amenadial interrupts because there is a problem with Maze. That’ll have to wait though. Mum is being conned. They chase the man she was paying for a piece of the flaming sword. They find him with no cash, murdered.

Maze goes to see Linda who is meeting with the head of the ethics review board. She has a bit of trouble after smuggling Lucifer out of a mental institution.

Charlotte comes to visit Chloe at work. She’s worried a client is in danger. Chloe doesn’t care. Then, after much prompting from Lucifer, Charlotte says that she heard gunshots during a phone call with the man. That gets Chloe’s attention. They take her to where the con man’s body is.

Ella is on the scene doing crime tech things while Charlotte and Chloe talk about who might be responsible. They go over the scene and find a phone.

Back at the station, Charlotte makes a pass at Dan. She tells him she likes him. Ella figures out who owned the phone. Chet Ruiz. His mother is a bad guy and she’s having a party so Charlotte and Chloe are going to head there undercover to find the murderer.

Lucifer goes to vent to Linda. Turns out she’s suspended and it’s all his fault. Maze is there to tell him as much. Then she tells him to fix it.

Dan is still at the station when Amenadial comes in looking for Lucifer or Charlotte. They are gone and he’s annoyed. Dan recruits him to help with something.

Charlotte gets to the party and checks in before looking for Chloe, who rolls in dressed much better than usual. The party is in full swing and Chet is there. They devise a plan to get him to talk.

Maze and Lucifer go to see the ethics guy to plead Linda’s case. It’s going so well at first but then Lucifer ends up incriminating her more by talking about their sexual relationship.

At the party, Charlotte sets the mother up to go talk to her son with Chloe in earshot. He admits to killing the victim for trying to steal clients but the mother knew. She was getting a cut of his new business and Chet admits that he lost his phone with sensitive materials on it. Chloe turns around and… the mother is standing there.

Dan takes Amenadial to improv. Afterward they talk about living in Lucifer’s shadow. Then the conversation turns to Charlotte. Amenadial assures Dan that neither he nor Lucifer are interested in her.

At the party, Chloe has to think on her feet. She comes up with a cover. She’s a fan of Chet’s music. The mother doesn’t believe her but Chloe sings and they all fall for it and then escort her out.

Lucifer and Maze fight on their way out of the office. She’s upset about his trip to heaven and tells him that he is selfish and just like his parents. Fisticuffs ensue. They tire each other out and Lucifer explains his plan. It’s worse in Maze’s opinion.

Ella can’t crack the phone that might be vital to bringing down the Ruiz family. They have to get into that phone.

Maze and Lucifer make it to Linda’s office. Lucifer and Linda talk about how terrible he has been. He didn’t consider Maze’s feelings at all.

Mrs. Ruiz turns up to talk to Charlotte. She’s got the artifact that Charlotte wants and its hers if she gets Chet’s phone back from the cops.

Charlotte goes to the station and talks Ella into leaving her alone with phone but before she can make off with it, Chloe intervenes.

Chloe strolls into the apartment to find Lucifer at the piano. She tells him that she knows Charlotte is his step-mother. She was trying to protect him by stealing the phone.

They set a trap for Ruiz and it works. Charlotte gets a key to a safety deposit box in the meantime. The trap works. Chloe busts Ruiz. The box has a Sumerian book in it.

Chloe is wrapping up the case and talking to Dan. She tells him about Charlotte and then he leaves.

Chet goes to see Charlotte at her office. He stabs her and when she pulls the knife out light shoots out and burns Chet to death.

Amenadial finishes the translation. They are missing the third piece. A key entrusted to the favorite son. He assumes Lucifer but he’s wrong. It’s his own necklace.

The whole Amenadial as the favorite son thing was obvious. I feel really bad for Maze. And Chloe. Her and Dan are so much better when they aren’t trying to force romantic feelings. Ella is my favorite.

Lucifer is new Mondays at 9 p.m.


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