Shots Fired, episode nine

Ashe and Preston are in bed together. They are talking about the case. The video Jesse and Beck from the phone is on tv. Preston says he “accidentally” leaked it when he tried to send it to himself.

Alicia sees the video. She’s upset that her son’s last moments are now public domain. Shameeka tells her to hold on to the memories she has of the two of them.

The media bombards Platt on his way into work. They ask about Beck and he says that the department supports “the legal process.”

Breeland picks up his kids to take them to school His face is busted up. They show concern but he says its nothing. At the station, the deputies left tampons on his desk.
Ashe meets up with the deputy that pulled her over. She promises protection but he knows that she and Preston are on their way out. He says no.

Beck has protestors on the lawn. Preston is questioning him when Beck provides the original documents for the volunteer program. He says the ones Preston has were falsified after Joey’s murder. He’s had this stuff for months and now he wants to make a deal.

Eamons is shutting down the integration program. Sarah Ellis argues with her. Preston shows up. She wants to talk about Beck but Preston tells her the volunteer program was a bust and Joey’s blood is on a lot of hands. She’s distraught.

Breeland is in his office when Ashe comes in. She asks about the records and says that she will put this all on him unless he talks about Platt. He doesn’t bite. Instead he heads out and talks to Cox.

Ashe talks to Janae. They haven’t always seen eye to eye but she doesn’t belong in lockup. Then they talk about faith and pray.

Platt is instructing Breeland to keep quiet. He has issue with protecting Cox because he’s not family. Platt says that if Breeland doesn’t protect Cox, he’s going to go down for it himself since he was the commanding officer.

Afterward, Platt goes to see his son after his graduation from the academy. His son is not a fan and tells him as much before walking out.

Preston and Ashe have a secret meeting with Breeland. He will talk but he wants house arrest. Ashe is not interested but Preston wants to negotiate.

Breeland and his daughter reminisce about football season. Then he tells her that things are going to change at home. He says he’s not a hero and then tells her about the night that Joey died. He says that he’s the one that covered it up and he has to make it right.

The new team rolls in and wants Ashe and Preston to play chauffeur to give them the lay of the land. They meet with Breeland and new chick Pierce (Britt Rentschler) offers him full immunity. Ashe comes up with her own plan. Pit Cox against Breeland. She goes to talk to him and makes it clear to him that he needs to talk.

Beck and Brooks are doing a project at the house talking about what to do moving forward. Beck is going to talk. Brooks thinks its a bad idea.

Cox holds a press conference. He can’t keep quiet anymore. He has to get a serious wrong off his chest. He admits to killing Joey Campbell. He explains that he reached for his taser but pulled his gun instead. He goes on to say that Breeland intimidated him and did not report the incident.

Shameeka and Shawn hug. Breeland freaks out and smashes a tv. Cox says he is turning himself in to Platt. At the station Platt tells Breeland that he didn’t know and that he has his back.

At the station, Cox gets fingerprinted. Breeland wants to talk to Pierce but she has no use for him now. He realizes it was Ashe. Cox says as much during his interview with Pierce.

Breeland drives off by himself and calls child services. He’s going to ruin Ashe’s chance with Kia. When someone answers the phone, he doesn’t talk though. He burns the file.

Janae is released in the midst of a medium circus. Sarah Ellis wants to draft a statement about Cox but Eamons doesn’t want to do that yet. She wants to wait to pass judgement but Sarah sees it for what it is and

Ashe gets a call. She lost Kia. She goes to Preston crying and he wants to help her fix this. She assumes Breeland is befind this. She tells Preston that she needs to be by herself.
Breeland goes to Shameeka’s house and offers his condolences. Shawn punches him in the face. The rest of the block doesn’t hold back either. They yell and throw things at the “crooked cop.”

Preston gets a call from the boss. He thinks that Ashe’s play was brilliant and puts them back in charge of the case. Preston calls Ashe and leaves her a message. In the hallway, he encounters Alicia. She wants to know when Beck will be arrested. Preston tells her they are still putting the case together.

After his detour, Breeland finally gets home. He looks at his kids through the window. A car pulls up behind him and shoots him twice at close range. He falls to the ground bleeding out.

I honestly thought they were setting this up to redeem Breeland. I didn’t expect him to get killed. I also am upset with the way the Cox confession is playing out. It looks like he will get away with it and that is no good. Only one episode left.


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