iZombie, episode eight

Blaine holds a man at gunpoint to get a new supply of brains.

The anti-zombie folks posted the video of Major and his buddy attacking them online. The zombie military people are mad about the evidence but Liv and Clive contend that they have everything under control.

Afterward, Vivian confronts Major about his being a human again. She takes him off active duty. Liv offers to talk to her but she’s headed out. They watch her helicopter explode. Later Live, Major, Clive and Ravi discuss next steps. They have to meet with the new head of the zombie army and they have to infiltrate the anti-zombie club. That will be a job for Ravi and Liv.

Finn Vincible, a Youtube Jackass type star, dies while jumping through a fire ring in a hay suit on a BMX bike. Someone swapped out the flame resistant suit for the one that killed him. All of his costars now are suspects.

Donnie is bringing in new brains while Blaine watches from afar. The military unit dudes are at the zombie bar. Donnie explains who they are to Blaine’s dad.

Clive put the costars in interrogation. They are trashed and doing stupid things. Clive goes in to ask some questions and they get a lead. A cameraman with a beef. He and Liv head out to follow up. That gets them nowhere though because everyone signed an NDA.

At the bar, Donnie has a fruit basket from the city. He also discovers Blaine’s dad is making big plans and he isn’t involved.

Liv and Ravi are watching the videos online of the pranks. Liv has a vision of the crew guy in tears so they bring the other pranksters back in. They don’t know anything and head out. One doubles back though. He has a link to the footage in question. It’s Finn possibly sleeping with the crew guy’s girlfriend.

Crew guy comes in for questioning. He says that his wife, girlfriend at the time, was in on the prank. He also knows the details on the cameraman case. The guys son tried to mimic the show and ended up paralyzed. A settlement ensued.

Liv and Ravi are in the lab. He tells her he got the invite to the haters meeting and she is stoked. Later she has a date with Major’s buddy. They eat prankster brains and then go play in the park. She kisses him and has a vision. One of the costars brought Finn the suit with a message about the flame retardent spray from the crew guy.

Donnie is with Blaine’s dad when he gets a call from Blaine. Apparently they think he’s dead and it surprises them to discover otherwise.

Clive and Liv go to see the crew guy. He’s not home but his aunt-in-law gives them permission to check out his workshop. They find what may be the flame spray. The wife comes in and kicks them out. Outside they see the wife’s newborn. He looks much more like Finn than the crew guy.

Back in interrogation, Clive lays out what happened for the crew guy. He found out his son wasn’t his in the delivery room and put an end to Finn. He wanted Finn to suffer. They arrest him.

Blaine goes to the club and shoots everyone except his father. He brings him out to a park and drops him down a well.

Donnie wan’t at the club. He comes in to find Blaine in the office. He’s ready for a duel but Blaine. That’s not the name of the game though. Blaine recruits him to run the bar.

The unit is partying at zombie military base until the new commander rolls in. He’s a no nonsense type. Major gets scared.

Ravi and Liv go to the anti-zombie meeting. They are checking pulses to get in and Ravi freaks out on Liv’s behalf. It gets the bad guy’s attention and he sort of recognizes Liv. She makes a graceful exit and he goes in alone.

This was annoying. The brain made her annoying. I feel bad for Clive. Also, where was Peyton? She must be so upset about Blaine and no one is there for her. I feel really bad for her and she deserves more support.

iZombie is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


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