The Americans, episode twelve

Paige is at church. They just put food boxes together and are leaving when Pastor Tim tells her that he got a job offer in Buenos Aires and he’s taking it. She’s shocked, but not completely. He says that it is for his daughter to see more of the world.

She goes home and tells her parents and then asks them how they managed it. They tell her the Soviets have fought for peace and that groups that believe in justice are good enough for them. She takes off her cross necklace and throws it out. They call her back. She can’t ditch it till he leaves.

Oleg is in a meeting talking about what he did in the States. He talks about a woman he worked with and what he knew of her job. Then they talk about Stan and a bit about Nina.

Stan and his partner meet with their mark. She brought her boyfriend that they suspect to be an operative. Turns out the mark and the man are engaged now. He’s a courier for the Soviets and he offers to help but they think he’s a spy. Stan’s reaction is fairly obvious.

Philip and Elizabeth meet with Granny. They talk about Pastor Tim and then Elizabeth brings up ending their tour here. She says that she will talk to the Centre about putting things in place but that it will take years to adjust. Philip asks about the kids and she tells him they will have interesting lives but recommends not telling Henry until they get there.

In Moscow, Oleg tells his partner about giving a statement about the woman. It doesn’t look good for her so he’s upset because he is going back on his word.

Elizabeth is visiting the defector’s wife. The son comes home with a black eye. The wife vents and Elizabeth tells her what to do. Stand up to her husband and tell him what needs to happen. She heads to the other house and talks to Tuan. Their plan isn’t going to work. They need to rethink this. Tuan asks if she has kids.

Stan reports back to his boss about the mark. He feels like they are blown but the boss tells him to calm down. They are still trying to figure things out.

Oleg goes home and talks to his mother. She tells him about her time in the camps.

The Jennings’ need advice. They go to Pastor Tim and ask about bringing the kids back home, to their home, with them. He tells them he doesn’t know what they should do.

They get home and find out that Henry and his girlfriend cooked them dinner. He tells them its because he appreciates how cool they are being about the school stuff. He walks his girlfriend to the door and Paige comes down to tell them that its good they are letting him go. They share a look. She notices.

Mischa is working at a factory. He’s got a visitor. It’s his father’s brother.

Henry hitched a ride to school with his girlfriend. Paige talks about how relieved she is about the Pastor Tim situation. She asks about their name and how they got it. She asks if they feel like those are their names now and they say yes. Philip admits he misses his old name too.

Time for more questioning. Looks like Oleg is in the clear but he’s still upset about the situation. He sees the corruption first hand.

Mischa eats dinner with his uncle and his family. He talks to his cousin about life and about his father.

Philip and Elizabeth talk about what life would be like for the kids in Moscow. She says they would take his name. He asks about her. She smiles.

Paige rigs up a punching bag in the garage and practices on her own.

They get to the house and find out Tuan made a plan on his own. He told the defector kid to slit his wrists and leave a note blaming it on life in America. He sees this as a win-win. They are mad though. They make him call the kid but no one answers. They run out of the house.

Can someone punch Tuan? Seriously. He thinks he knows so much and sure he’s seen horrors but he still doesn’t get it. He just needs to be punched. And what’s up with Paige practicing? Gabriel definitely sent the uncle to Mischa right? I expected it to be Gabriel himself visiting. I think he’s Philip’s father.

The Americans is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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