Shots Fired, episode ten

Platt is at Breeland’s house. He leaves and calls all available units. The new guy calls Preston. They roll into the bad neighborhood and start going nuts. Janae calls Ashe. Brooks handles Shameeka’s house but the rest of the deputies are rough. Preston and Ashe show up and yell at Platt. He says that someone knows something and they will do this every day if they have to.

Ashe and Preston are interviewing Breeland’s wife. He hadn’t said anything to her. Their daughter overhears and chimes in with the conversation she had with her father at the football field. The wife cries and they take their leave.

They need to figure out a new way to get indictments now. Ashe goes to see Breeland’s witness. She thinks that he was lying. She tries to provoke him. He admits that he lied as a favor to Breeland because he’s on parole. She offers amnesty for testimony.

Preston goes over the case with the new legal lady. She tells him the jury will be white and he should ignore race. They go to the grand jury hearing and Ashe testifies about the case and Breeland.

Beck is at home freaking out because he can’t be there or be represented but his lawyer tells him this is okay.

Alicia is at the store when a kid in the next aisle starts making faces at her. She clowns around and he slides a toy through the shelf to her. She brings it around to give to his mother. It’s Kerry. The boy was Beck’s son. Kerry can’t speak but Alicia thinks it’s because of the stress of motherhood.

Eamons and Platt meet. She demands his resignation. He says they should talk to Cox.

Brooks is on the stand. He says that Beck hated the volunteer program but he wasn’t isolated at the department. He ran into problems with the black community. They thought of him as a sellout.

Preston tells Ashe that Pierce was right. He shouldn’t have brought up race. She gets an alert to watch the news. It’s the Beck video, only the whole thing now. He talks about hard work and wanting to do good.

They head to the hospital to talk to Shirlane. She says that if Beck is going to be dragged people should see the whole thing.

Next problem is the witness. Turns out he was selling drugs and he’s being processed. Now Preston will have to make one hell of closing argument. Oh and he sort of accuses Ashe of coercion too.

He starts his closing argument and talks about how integral race has always been in the country. As he explains what happened, viewers see what happened. Jesse shoved Beck and he opened fire. Preston tells the jury that he wants them to ignore race and that he would be asking the same thing if the situation was reversed.

As they wait for the jury decision, Preston and Ashe talk about pressure. Failure is not an option. The call comes. The jury is back.

Things are tense at the Beck house. They are also waiting. Someone rolls up. It’s Brooks. He’s here to arrest Beck. The jury decided to indict. He says goodbye to Kerry and the boys before going out to the car. Media and residents line the streets between his house and the station.

Preston and Ashe are sitting in bed. She asks him if he has a question for her. He responds by asking if she has anything to tell him. She says that this is a mistake.

The DOJ is looking for an indictment in the Joey Campbell murder case. Shameeka is on the stand talking about her last phone call with her son. She says that he was on his way home and he was late. Then Breeland and Derkin showed up and said he was dead, that it was drug related. They searched his room and found drugs. When she tried to argue they threatened her custody of Shawn.

Pierce tells Preston to rest. He wants Cox on the stand though. Breeland’s lawyer talks to Preston about sensitive documents. They keep it between themselves. Cox is on the stand, blaming the victim.

Joey is running. Breeland stops him and slams him against a fence. They argue. Breeland slams him to the ground and tells Cox to cuff him. Joey kicks Cox so Cox shoots him. He’s dead. Cox, Breeland and Derkin flee.

A large crowd is gathered and chanting outside the courthouse. Preston and Pierce come outside. Pierce leaves but Preston stays. He tells them that the jury will not indict Cox. The crowd wants to burn the place down but Shameeka says no. She says that they have to stick together and not be a reactionary community.

Ashe shows up and brings Preston back inside. He cries. Eamons talks about what to do moving forward. She is no longer affliating with Cox because morals.

The DOJ says it’s time to move on but Preston isn’t ready for that. He wants to keep pushing but they tell him not to. Pierce shakes his hand and heads out. He’s still thinking though. He goes to see Breeland’s family about the sensitive documents. They found a key to his storage unit but gave it to Platt.

Preston gets the address of that unit from Breeland’s lawyer and heads there. He finds a recording of Breeland and Platt talking about Joey’s murder. He’s interrupted by Platt. There’s a cliched speech about family and protecting people. Platt killed Breeland. He’s angling to kill Preston to but Ashe shows up, with a warrant from Eamons. They arrest Platt.

Breeland is dead. Platt and Beck are locked up but they don’t know if they made a difference. Ashe says that they have to keep trying.

Janae is talking about getting out in the community to make a difference. Sarah Ellis is there to help them organize. The congregation wants her to run for office. Brooks come in to help bridge the gap.

Cox and Preston meet before the latter heads out of town. He threatens Cox.
Ashe has a supervised visit with Kai.

Jesse is walking across campus talking a friend. He bumps into someone. Joey on a tour. They apologize to one another and keep going.

I really thought Platt was going to kill Preston. I was so worried. I’m glad he got what was coming to him. I just wish they had busted Cox too. And that last scene. It brought a tear to my eye for sure.


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