Frequency, episode eleven

Raimy is in the back of the cop car. Satch comes over to reassure her. She’s more

concerned about why the body is still there. What happened to Frank in 1996? Stan tells Satch to stop talking to Raimy. There is a lot of questionable witness testimony.

Frank is still in his car. The driver that hit him was drunk. Deacon Joe escapes. The drunk guy takes off. Frank wakes up and finds Joe gone. He gives chase. No luck. He goes home and tries to cover up the car but Julie finds it. She freaks out so he freaks out. He tells her that the Nightingale knows who they are and he never stops. He needs her to trust him.
Frank gives Julie a gun. Joe makes it home. Raimy gets back to the station and is praised like a hero, until she sees Satch. IA is calling it a bad shoot. He needs her badge.

Raimy is being held and questioned. She doesn’t say anything. Gordo Sr. shows up as her lawyer and springs her.

A call came in from the drunk guy. He hit a cop and a man climbed out of the trunk. They are counting cars. Frank says his is in the lot. No one questions it.

Gordo is outside the station to drive Raimy home. Moseby texts her. She doesn’t respond. At the house Daniel is waiting. He has wine and donuts. She hugs him. She wants to be alone. He tells her that he broke off his engagement before leaving.

Raimy and Frank are talking via ham. She tells him about what happened and he tells her about the accident. He’s having second thoughts but she says that it’s too late for that.

Young Raimy comes and talks to him about skipping dinner. He has something he has to do.
Frank is at the deacon’s house. He’s in the deacon’s house. He tries to line up the shot but he can’t. Then there’s a knock on the door. A parishioner coming to tell him that the priest is going to report him for stealing the collection money. He invites her in.

Julie comes down the stairs. Frank is home. He didn’t do it. Gordo Sr. is taking her to the station and he tells her honestly that things don’t look good. They get out of the elevator and … everything is different. Satch just questioned the deacon about checks in Arizona. They have nothing to hold him on. They are going to let him go. She pulls her gun and talks about the body in the closet.

They search the house. There is no body. Raimy tells Frank she is off the hook for murder. Frank is still having trouble though. The car pool needs to see his car and the deacon is in custody for robbery. The deacon knows that Raimy knows. They figure out he is blaming Megan since he hasn’t killed her yet. Shes probably at the cabin and in trouble.

Satch goes to the house and starts poking around. Julie covers for Frank and then gets indignant on his behalf. She lets him see the car and scares him off. At the station, Satch catches Frank in a lie and just wants him to come clean. He wants Frank to trust him but Frank doesn’t trust him because of Stan.

Raimy is hurrying to the cabin. Satch and Frank go down near the river and talk. Satch tells him why he’s so loyal to Stan. He explains a call they had back when Satch was new on the job. They flubbed it and it still eats at Satch. That’s why he wants Frank to make a better choice. Raimy calls Moseby to run a plate on a truck that’s been messing with her. She thinks it’s the deacon.

Frank gets a call. The deacon is being released. Julie tries to talk Frank out of killing him. He thinks he still has to do it. Julie tells him to come home.

The deacon and Megan are at the cabin. She’s apologizing but he says it’s worthless. He says he has to clean up her mess again. He doesn’t want to do it. She needs to atone.
Frank is watching the deacon’s house. He gets home. Cops pull up right behind him.

Frank called in a tip on where the money is. The deacon is arrested. He calls Julie to tell her he’s coming home.

Raimy is at the cabin. She snoops around inside a bit and then hears a scream. She runs toward it outside. It’s Megan, and her brother. He’s bleeding really bad. Raimy looks flabbergasted.

So Satch is still a jerk and Frank doesn’t have to commit murder. Not bad on those fronts. I’m still pulling for Moseby though.


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