Frequency, episode ten

The Nightingale has a Megan hostage. And he’s changing his appearance.

Frank and Julie are in bed together. He spent the night. They still have work to do. Raimy comes in and asks if he’s moving back in but the answer is no.

Adult Raimy is trying to track down Megan. She’s looking for medical records, anything she can get her hands on. Daniel walks in

Megan calls Nightingale names. He doesn’t take kindly to it.

Frank is packing up to move out. Satch comes in to talk sense into him but Frank is still mad that he ruined his chance to set up Stan. They are not speaking. Raimy calls him on the ham. He has been monitoring the deacon, aka Nightingale, because he is going to kill him tomorrow night. Raimy asks if he is ready.

Gordo comes by Raimy’s house. His tv is busted and his family is out of town. His father is flying in and they are going to watch the game. Raimy tells him to behave.

Frank stops by the hospital to visit Julie. They talk about his living situation and then she mentions Raimy’s school concert. It’s the following night. He has to skip it to kill the deacon. She doesn’t like that he’s missing it but she has to go see a patient. He steals a ton of drugs.

Raimy and Satch are talking about her taking a break. She won’t do it. She’s going to go over the psych evaluations.

Frank is getting supplies. He runs into Gordo and Gordo Sr. They chat and then he’s on his way but he’s anxious.

Raimy is listening to Megan’s therapy sessions. She describes what life was like with the Deacon.

Frank is packing up the car. Raimy comes out to confront him about her concert. He doesn’t back down but does promise that they will get ice cream the next day.

The Nightingale is grabbing some supplies and a burner phone from a convenience store. There’s a cop in the the store too so Deacon Nightingale is jumpy.

Raimy continues to listen to the therapy. In the first session she described getting beaten at home but the second session is more focused on her brother and their time in a cabin in the woods. There was a shed in the back. They used to go there for prayer, and got abused.

Satch interrupts Raimy’s search. There’s been an accident. It’s Moseby. He got an accident. She hurries to his bedside and meets his mother. They talk about how smitten he is with Raimy.

Raimy heads home and finds Gordo drinking on the couch alone. His dad is on the phone with work. He hangs up and talks to Raimy and insults Gordo and they argue. Gordo storms out and Raimy tells his father to buck up and admit he’s proud of Gordo. He says he will. He also says his wife kicked him out so he’s moving back.

Frank is walking around in the woods biding his time. His phone rings. Raimy wants to say goodnight. They talk about the moon.

Raimy tells Frank to rob the collection safe via the ham. It’s a good cover. She talks about the way things could be if this works out.

Frank drops young Raimy off and wishes her luck at the concert.

Raimy calls Daniel and tells him not to break up with his fiance yet. She also goes back to the hospital and snuggles up to Moseby.

Frank fights and drugs the Deacon.

Raimy gets a call from Satch. They are patching through a call that might be Megan. It is her. She’s telling them where she is. They realize it’s the cabin and give chase. They get there but he’s been spooked and he’s on the run.

Megan’s dead body is in the house. Raimy is on his tail through the woods. They end up near a gas station and he surrenders but she shoots him anyway, because it won’t matter.

Frank is driving with the body in the trunk. His phone has a message. It’s Julie. Raimy left her clarinet in the car. He needs to come back. He starts reaching for and looking at the case, taking his eyes off the road. He gets hit and knocked out. With the Deacon. In the trunk.

This was a good episode for Frank. He’s prepping and resolved to do what he has to. Raimy is terrible. I feel bad about what she did to Moseby, getting his hopes up and all. And Satch sucks.


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